Sponge: Is The PS3 A Blu-Ray Trojan Horse?

An interesting piece in today's Guardian Technology section suggests that the PS3 is little more than a Trojan horse to enable Sony to sell Blu-ray media to an unsuspecting public. Who would have thunk it!?

After discussing the matter with Matt Brown, exec vice president of Sony Pictures Europe (and formerly of Dreamworks), the Guardian confidently states that:

"It's clear that Sony is happy to take its financial lumps in terms of losses in the games console market if it means guaranteeing a win in the high-definition video war. And the best way to do that? Lose money selling the players, and rake it back by selling the "software" - games and especially films. In the long term, Sony has far more to gain from winning the DVD format wars than it stands to lose in the gaming ones, since it could keep making the PS3 for the next decade."

Sony has already shifted 1.8 million cheap Blu-ray players, sorry, PlayStation 3s worldwide. That puts it way ahead of the HD DVD camp, with Sony's Matt Brown claiming that:

"Blu-ray discs are outselling HD DVD by three to one in the US….if I do a good job then in six months we won't be having a conversation [about formats]. And the PS3 is going to help us do the job ... Potentially, we'll have 10 times more [Blu-ray] players [in the form of PS3s] out there by the end of the year."

Media research company Understanding & Solutions predict that, by the end of 2008, there will be 13.45m Blu-ray players in Europe compared to 1.6m HD DVD drives (with a slightly smaller gap in the US market in the same time period).

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mandrake5243d ago

Sony may actually be sacrificing its game console business in the short-term in order to establish blu-ray as the new industry standard. I mean, on purpose. I still can't understand why MS joined the HD-DVD consortium. Otherwise they could have royally screwed the PS3 by coming out with an HD-DVD/Blu-ray combo player attachment for the 360. How much ass would that have kicked?

Rooted_Dust5243d ago

If they had added a Blue-Ray player from the start they would have been directly aiding their competition. Also I don't think they released the combo-players until after the PS3 released

xbox360migs5243d ago

Sony would love to monopolize the entertainment market which is what they are slowly doing much like they nearly did to the console market But... as much as I hate to say it, It is a brilliant business plan and Sony are in a position to do it! All we need now is for Toshiba to make toasters with built in HD DVD and they shall be on a winner!

achira5243d ago

lol. i have no problems if it should be a trojan hourse, and of course it is, you must be naive to believe it is not. i am happy with my ps3, thats the only thing that counts, ppl who bought the hd-dvd addon will not be happy. if this brings some money to sony i am happy to, this means more games for us gamers.

Keyser5243d ago

Anyone who even knkow what a PS# is knows that its a trojan horse. Its not even a new strategy for Sony. They used the same one with dvd players in the PS2. Sure they could have cut cost and left the cd drive in the PS2 but they could do more for gaming and their dvd business by adding it. It helped drive the cost of dvd players down like it will for blu-ray AND hddvd players because they are all 3 in competition now.

Nobody buying a PS3 didn't know that. Some use it, some don't. if you're into blu-ray movies then you may buy a few but not many would stop buying dvd's because they have a blu-ray player. That's subjective of course, because I haven't. I bought 2 blu-ray movies but dvd's are 4 times cheaper and not bad so I will continue buying dvd's. As the price of the software goes down then you'll see the advancement. The hardware is a one time wallet hit but the software will hit you again and again...and again...

Maddens Raiders5243d ago

Hmmm....I think this wins the award for the most asenine and rhetorical question of the year so far. Of course it's a Trojan Horse and the enemies defenses have been badly breached. Duh!? =]

ASSASSYN 36o5239d ago

Then why did you answer the question? And what does that make you?

Maddens Raiders5239d ago

1.) I answered it because I wanted to.

2.) A person with answers.

But I've got questions too, like where are your bubbles

assassyn or can I just call you ASS ASS? Yeah that's better. Now go hit your hashish huka, turn slighlty east and pray to a picture of your godfather Osama. Doesn't that feel better you little bleeding heart B1tch? Cheers. =]

Bathyj5243d ago

There not selling to any "unsuspecting comsumers". Give the public a little credit. Despite all this talk of forcing BR on us, noone that doesn't want BR movies has to buy them, even if you do own a PS3.

Sacraficing their games department for there movie department might sound plausable, until you remember the games industry has made more money than Hollywood virtually since playstation became a household name.

My opinion is they want to win both, any they're in a good position to do it. Of course its still too early to say for sure but PS3 could either be the biggest flop or the biggest success ever. But thats why Sony is good and why PSN should be good in the years to come. Sony has games, movies, TV, music. Once we start seeing one hand washing the other within the Sony company things should really start getting good for downloadable content on PSN.

I'm off the point a little bit there but I dont think they dont really need to worry much about BR/movies. Its just about a given that it will beat HDDVD in the next year.

kewlkat0075243d ago

"I'm off the point a little bit there but I dont think they dont really need to worry much about BR/movies. Its just about a given that it will beat HDDVD in the next year."

It's the price thats an issue..since I do not own 1080P HDTV, I could care less. Plus DVD's is not going anywhere. So yeah it's a big gamble. Which in turn will slow down the adoptive rate of the PS3 by at least 3 years. While the competition MS, will be out with a new Box earlier then their rival, which could leave SONY in the dust.

Like I said it is still Son's Market share to loose and they will, because of(prices, games and other difficulties). The next Xbox is what can really do the most damage. Right now there is a Big gashing wound..

bootsielon5243d ago

Is this article from 2005? Because back then there were a lot of articles claiming this. Somebody missed the news train...

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