Can PS3 Maintain Sales Momentum?

The PS3 has notched up an impressive 600,000 sales in Europe, according to Sony. It estimates that around €400m (£271m) of PS3 merchandise, including hardware, software and peripherals, has already been sold.

That figure means a not-to-be-sniffed-at 60% of the 1 million PS3s shipped has been sold. Impressive figures, SPOnG's sure you agree, whatever your fanboy credentials may be.

That figure also means that the PS3 will almost certainly outdo its rival consoles in the month following launch. Nintendo sold 700,000 Wiis in the month following launch. The PS3 has already outsold the 360's entire first month of European sales, with the 360 having racked up 500,000 sales in that time period.

The comeback to the PS3's successful European launch from Sony critics has been cries of "if the [insert console of choice] had shipped that many it would have sold that well too!" Maybe, but the fact of the matter is Sony did put that many consoles into stores and now it's reaping the benefits.

A bigger issue for Sony is whether the success can be maintained. "I would expect the PlayStation 3 to do well initially because a lot of PS2 users had been waiting for the PS3 to come along,†" said Paul O'Donovan, an analyst from Gartner. It remains to be seen, however, whether Sony can keep its sales momentum once its loyal fan base has been saturated.

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Robert223884750d ago

I think PS3 sales will average out for the rest of spring, I suspect come summer when there is a larger list of titles that sales will begin to really pick up. Then come fall with the release of Home and the undoubtable ad campaign following it, there will be a very LARGE increase in sales worldwide.

TheMART4750d ago

We've seen it in Japan, we've seen it in USA (Japan fell to 20k after launch 80k, North America fell to 130k last month after launch 250k). Compared to the 360 that remained to sell between 200k and 300k in NA month after month, Sony's downfall was harder to 130k last month.

In Europe it won't be any different. Only die hard Sony buys want it for 600 Euro. And now the 360 Elite is here, the specification searchers (highest HDD GB and HMDI) have a better option for a lower price.

Expect the demand to decrease like the sun falls in the ocean. Just like in Japan/USA. Europe isn't like aliens compared to the rest of the world

Antan4749d ago

"Europe isn't like aliens compared to the rest of the world"

WTF ??

PSN Starfleets4750d ago

I see no reason for the sales rate to continue or even surge. Most likely due to the lack of great software.

_insane_cobra4750d ago

Most of PS3's launch sales have been through pre-orders and there have been no or very few reports of excited launch crowds and post-launch shopping sprees. Some stores in the UK have already dropped the price. None of that bodes well for the PS3 in the long run, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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The story is too old to be commented.