Wii Supply and Demand talked to Nintendo's Laurent Fischer about Wii sales, the current stock shortages, how it sees the threat from Sony's new console and why it isn't afraid to delay its key titles if the development team says so.

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Neutral Gamer4753d ago

There's gotta be some Wii fans on this site surely. The vast majority of popular articles on here seem to be about the PS3 or the Xbox 360.

Why not just rename the site: PS3 vs 360 and be done with it!

I've got to admit I've just been waiting for some new decent games to arrive, I've played Wii Sports, Wii Play and Zelda. When's the next round of quality games gonna come?

scarlett_rg4753d ago

Super Paper Mario will be the next big hit. It comes out in mid-April.

True about most people on here being a 360 or PS3 fan though. I think all the Wii fans are just sitting back laughing at them though... While they argue, the Wii is quietly kicking both their asses.

Neutral Gamer4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

I agree, Microsoft, Sony and big publishers like EA just didn't "get" the whole Wii idea at the start and never imagined it to be a great commercial success.

But how wrong they all were, the same goes for the DS. Maybe the PS3 and 360 fans are arguing cos they feel fustrated that such a cheap, non state of the art console is performing so well.

The Wii looks white and innocent, but behind that exterior there's a console intent on outselling everyone else, as you rightly said, "it's quietly kicking both their asses".

The silent killer.