Intel's Next-Gen CPUs: Penryn and Nehalem

As you no doubt know by now, Penryn is the codename for Intel's upcoming successor to today's Core 2 CPUs. Penryn represents a wide family of products, ranging from mobile processing to replacing today's Conroe-based and Kentsfield-based Core 2 CPUs on the desktop. Penryn CPUs are based on Intel's upcoming 45-nm high k+ metal gate process technology, allowing Intel to cram more transistors into the processor's die without significantly increasing its size.

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gta_cb4756d ago

cool, but i have always prefered AMD myself :P
AMD Athlon 3400+

but did want to upgrade to something like AMD Athlon 5000+ (x2)
but with these new ones coming out, i will wait till the price drops, then get something new,

also just wanna say, if people are gonna get a new GPU then to wait, because with VISTA here, GPUs without suport for DX10 will get quite cheap, i expect even the newer SLI will become cheap with no suport for the new DX10 :D

gta_cb4754d ago

i know its completely off topic but, i think this article is feeling a little bit lonely with only one comment.... so heres another :P lol