How GTA nearly ruined Rockstar

Boorish behavior, backdated stock options, and a hidden sex scene. take a comprehensive look back at the financial and legal problems that have faced Rockstar over the years as a result of releasing the GTA games.

The in depth article also looks at the criminal goings on at Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two, and reveals further insight into the creators of the GTA franchise and the negative effect that money and success has had on them.

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Neutral Gamer4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

... despite everything we all know that Rockstar will make a mint when GTA IV is released, can't wait to see how it looks on the new generation consoles, hopefully no more jerky frame rates.

Considering how many GTA clones there are now, Rockstar are gonna have to do something really special to revitalise the genre.

In regards to the article, what is wrong with all those people who feel the need to sue companies for millions over such little issues. Ridiculous!

gta_cb4751d ago

i agree, also i wanna say these games rock, i have had every title so far (PS, PS2, PSP, PC) except for GTA London, which my lil brother has haha!

i deff think that they will be great on XBox 360 and PS3, and i will not think about buying it, i will just go and get it :P

also am looking forward to what ever wacky achievements the 360 version will have, as i dont own a PS3... yet :P

vidoardes4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

I am very interested in just exactally what extra content the 360 will get. It will be a blow to Sony if it is more than just a couple of extra missions, considering all the other games have been PS (console) exclusives. Although judging by the amoun this game will sell, it will probably save rockstar, after having nearly crippled it. Ironic, no?