Xbox 360 going through "evolutionary" changes, says UK boss

In a recent interview with Eurogamer TV, Neil Thompson revealed more of the company's plans for the Xbox 360, explaining the thinking behind the decision to offer consumers a range of hardware options.

He talks about how the hardware lineup offers consumers flexibility and choice but that it's the software and services that will really evolve the experience of the Xbox 360.

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Neutral Gamer5243d ago

Surely "evolution" would have dictated that by now Wi-Fi would have been a standard on the Premium and Elite 360's.

That's the ONLY thing that annoys me about my 360. You can buy Wi-Fi cards for your PC for less than £10 and even the DS had it built in!

The price Microsoft are asking for the wireless adaptor is just a joke. Evolve Microsoft and show us Wi-Fi as standard!

Keyser5243d ago

I agree. Whoever told him to say that is quite a gifted liar. I have a 360 and I didn't expect it to "evolve" a year and a half after I bought the premium. Consoles generally don't do that (I feel a Sega CD comment coming). Computers evolve every 3 months. Software evolves every 3 months. Am I to expect that it will "evolve" again in another year in a half? I would like to ask will it be evolving into a new console again anytime soon. I want to know when to stop working OT.

If my PS3 starts evolving a year and a half from now I'm going to be out of this horse race and be like one of those people who bought their PS2 last week! Why not just wait in the 2nd generation while the first spits out consoles every year and a half.

Somebody below posted that the 360 is all about games (microsoft quote) if it were all about games than the 20 gigs would have been enough. That is another lie to bring in the hardcore gamers. MS has enough good games to do that without having to resort to this.

Just when I gave them respect for coming correct with the 360 they keep wittling it away...

Says you5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Isnt evolving because if it is. it would have the standard stuff that the PS3 has with the HD DVD built in what kind of moron that would say that the XBox 360 is evolving yeah evolving from being the crapy ass of a console in its day if thats what you mean. and further more didnt Microsoft said that the XBox 360 is a game console "only" and not those other things like the PS3 well now look at them.

dachiefsman5243d ago

Well I guess you really don't understand Why Microsoft is doing this?
People will go out and by the new 120gig HDD why cause they (me included) like having the ability to download videos and movies to my xbox 360. One of the many reasons the Xbox 360 is doing better than the Ps3 is the online content which has been proven fact. How many articles do you see of "PS3 online play tearing up the charts with online content.....etc." You don't. I am not a MS fan boy, but I do have a xbox 360 and I would probably have a PS3 if it wasn't so damn expensive and had some more quality games.

In conclusion, you should try rereading what you type to bring across a little more coherent argument.

The argument the xbox 360 is a piece of crap is junior high, but maybe you are in junior high.

hamburgerhill5243d ago

Look idiot he just told you that there main focus is games and not bluray or HD movie players! He also said that the 360 can be upgraded to unlock more and more features like DX10 in the future that won't be possible on PS3! Thats right you guys are stuck with DX9 visuals and you will be whining more once they start to come out and then see that the PS3 is actually the crappy machine! You guys can criticize MS all you want but the 360 is all about the games and will constantly bury PS3 and the Wii and deliver way better and prettier games!

sajj3165243d ago

while I do agree that it was a junior high comment I just don't get the whole comment about DX9 and DX10. Wouldn't Sony miss out anyway if DX9 and 10 are Microsoft APIs. You sure you know what DX9 and 10 are?

Maddens Raiders5243d ago

I think it's better known as market adaptation. SNE has set the tone with a fully committed Hi-def machine, and MS is following the lead as they should. Let's not spin it into anything else.

Black Republican5243d ago

this is NO evolution

however he is right when he says

"software and services that will really evolve the experience of the Xbox 360".

bootsielon5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Xbox 1.5 ---> Xbox 1.6

Excellent, 4 more to go, Microsoft.

I'm getting tired of this "choice" bullshit. You don't have the choice to:

1. Insert any Xbox game you want.
2. Install any game you want (at least partially) on the HDD.
3. You don't have the option for an in-built next-gen movie player.
4. You don't have the option for games that don't require you to switch discs for game sizes above 9 GB.
5. You don't have the option to put ANY HDD you want that is available in the market.
6. You don't have the option to install a great variety of OS you want.
7. You don't have the option to increase your warranty.
8. You don't have the option to exchange your premium unit for the Elite by just paying the difference, therefore being screwed by being an early adopter.

Options, schmoptions. That's bullshit.

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