"Official" Xbox 360 Cake

It looks so real! Wouldn't you love to bite into that controller... now, stop salivating. This latest game-inspired cake was photographed at the Australian Xbox 360 birthday party. The console has just turned one year old there, you see?

Since it was made by Microsoft, this cake could be dubbed "official", one would imagine.

How do you think this one stacks up to all the other game-inspired cakes we've seen of late? I'd hazard a guess and say pretty damn well!

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Neutral Gamer4753d ago

Man, I'm feeling hungry.

It looks good enough to eat. If any of my mates are listening that's the cake I want for my surprise birthday party this year. Cheers.

Now I'm off to eat something sweet ...

Yo Wassap4753d ago

that's a very well constucted cake, i don't like icing much myself but that cake is awsome.

Ru4753d ago

Its nice to see someone with pancakes for a profile pic posting on the subject of cake!

Sashy4753d ago

Damn I really hate microsoft and Xbox but I really love that cake :D So nicley done by them! Would really like to see a video :D

Havince4752d ago

i will love forever whoever gets me one of them

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