Kotaku: Sony Working On PS3 "Elite" Model?

In the past, Ken Kutaragi was pushing for the introduction of a 250GB model PS3, so future models of the console may feature increased storage. Reviving that news, Kotaku, the website that confirmed Sony's "Home" before its official announcement may have once again uncovered something very interesting--Sony's answer to Microsoft's XBox 360 Elite.

In a filing dated earlier this month, Sony contacted the US Federal Communications Commission to request a "Class II permissive change" to the PLAYSTATION 3. While FCC filings are generally dry as dust, this one has an interesting addition. A new PLAYSTATION 3 model (CECHE01) with an 80GB hard disk was listed as an additional inclusion to the original FCC grant. The two current model numbers CECHA01 and CECHB01 specify the 60GB and 20GB versions, respectively.

Could this new hard disk represent a totally new model or simply a storage upgrade? Will the 80GB PS3 at some point become the lower-end model? Kotaku will be contacting Sony in the morning to gather additional details.

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ASSASSYN 36o5325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

This looks like a familiar tactic.

Neutral Gamer5325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

Haha, and the word "Black" in the phrase makes even more sense with regards to the 360!

UPDATE: Assasin mate, you changed your comment, which means that my reply to it doesn't make any sense now! LOL!

Assasin originally said something along the lines of: "POT ... KETTLE" just in case anyone's interested (which they're probably not).

gta_cb5325d ago

well Neutral Gamer i thought it was pretty interesting that someone on here, was talking about ... kettles!... nah joking lol, it was pretty funny reading your comment lol.

about the article, dunno really, the 360 has been out a whole year and three months (ish) with the 20GB HDD and well unless you want everything available which is abit pointless you wont fill the 60GB HDD for a long time, so i dunno improving the storage, just seems to make me think there trying to copy/ give MS more competition when they need to make sure there games, and the "HOME" service doesnt get pushed back.

PS360PCROCKS5325d ago

lame. unless like what ELJugg said and it's a silver PS3 this is retarded. Why would Sony release a MORE expensive PS3 it's already the most expensive console on the market and the hard drive is already upgradeable so why make this?

ChefDejon5325d ago

i can see it happening if they drop the 20gb Ps3 which it looks like they are starting to do move the 60gb to 499$ and put the 80gb 600$ that seems logical

hfaze5325d ago

Honestly, that's the ONLY thing that would make sense... If Sony does end up putting out a MORE expensive PS3 model, then their management is smoking crack...

Besides, what's the point of putting out another PS3 model with more storage, the hard drive is user upgradeable anyhow!

Hopefully this listing is for the 65nm Cell models... Less power consumption, cooler operating (although I haven't run into a heat issue with my PS3 in the almost five months I've had it). The only thing that's going to suck is I can almost guarantee the 65nm PS3's won't have the Emotion Engine in hardware... =(

SmokeyMcBear5325d ago

could be a price drop, that would be good, but why another sku, unless its another color. I mean seriously what hardware can you add to make it better. They already made it so that you can place in any HD you want, are there any hardware add-ons that can be placed? Somthing up their sleeve?

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The story is too old to be commented.