Why Gears of War looks better than Resistance

Insomniac's Hastings was keen to explain why Gears trumped Resistance in the visuals department, despite the latter appearing on a more powerful platform:

"Sometimes people ask us, 'If Resistance takes 14 gigabytes, why doesn't it look better than Gears?'" began Hastings. "Well, for one, Resistance didn't support texture streaming, so we had to make choices about where we spent our high-res textures. Resistance also had 30 single-player chapters, six multiplayer maps, uncompressed audio streaming, and high-definition mpegs. That all added up to a lot of space on the disc.

"Starting with Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction we are supporting texture streaming, which will make the worlds look even better, and will also consume even more space on disc. Gears of War is a beautiful game and shows off the highest resolution textures of anything yet released, partly because of the Unreal Engine's ability to stream textures," he continued. "This means that you can have much higher resolution textures than you could normally fit in your 512 MB of RAM. It also means that you're going to chew up more disc space for each level.

"With streamed textures, streamed geometry and streamed audio, even with compression, you can quickly approach 1GB of data per level. That inherently limits you to a maximum of about 7 levels, and that's without multiplayer levels or mpeg cut-scenes. There's no question that you can always cut more levels, compress the audio more, compress the textures more, down-res the mpeg movies, and eventually get any game to fit on a DVD. But you paid for a high-def experience, right?"

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Boink5322d ago

excuses, excuses.

bottom line, epic made a better game, with better graphics for 1/2 the price and less space.

as far as programmers go, you got served.

Premonition5322d ago (Edited 5322d ago )

How is he making excuses when it seems he knows what hes talking about, it seems you dont want to hear truth in how Gears was made. Your not a dev, so ya maybe to you it looks like excuses.

Boink5321d ago

"how is he making excuses"

because he is coming up with all these BS reasons as to why they didn't do a better job.

RFOM had the makings of a great game, and with the supposed "power" of the ps3 should have smoked gears both graphically and otherwise.

it didn't.

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GrooveChampion5321d ago

Honestly, ask yourselves this: How will you people react when UT3 comes out on PS3 and 360 looking identical? Gears doesn't look fantastic because of some 360 voodoo, it looks great because of the Unreal3 engine. An engine that was debuted on both 360 and PS3 lookin' mighty fine (as well as identical). So while Resistance has the breadth that Gears doesn't, Gears has the details that Resistance doesn't. It's not a system thing, it's just comes down to the scope of the game and the engine they used.

BIGBAER5321d ago

They've got the excuse train right on track!

Woulda coulda shoulda... choo! choo!

ASSASSYN 36o5321d ago

Boink you made your point.

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Robotz Rule5322d ago

No need to be a fanboy now!^^^^^
Gears = Graphics
Resistance = Gameplay
Pure and simple!
I own both!

Boink5322d ago

they were both great games, gears was obviously the better game(not just my opinion, the opinion of all the GAME OF THE YEAR awards it took home).

this developer just sounds like he's making whiny excuses.

hamburgerhill5321d ago

Well I've played both also and Gears has better gameplay and graphics but a lesser story which could improve in part two! I doubt that Ratchet and Clank will even come close to gears!

dantesparda5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

I got Gears and I've beaten it on the hardest setting. And there is nothing special about the game. Its good the 1st time through, but after that, its nothing special. Even the graphics effects have wore off quickly to me and i dont like the online play. It sucks to me. So i dont care who thinks it the game of the year. Its just an alright game.

My roommate has RFOM and the game is honestly way too long, much, MUCH! longer than Gears, but it just gets dragged out after a while, and just feels like the same thing over and over again and there is actually just way to much fighting, way too many enemies after another, it never stops!

All in all, they are both just alright and nothing special. Gears looked good at first but now looks dated to me

ChefDejon5322d ago

why gears is one of the shortest games ever

Boink5322d ago

they say an average gamer will finish gears in 8-10 hours, resistance 10-12 hours.

where's the extra money and extra 10 gigs of space going? or did the extra 2 hours take up all the extra space/

why don't they just admit it, gears was done with a great engine, and the proof is in all the companies that are licensing it from epic.

Bebedora5322d ago

for 14Gig is plain and sounded logical to me.
He praised GeOW for their technique with the UE3 engine, what I can see. So what whiny part did you see in here? Where is the excuses?

Are you or anyone in here merited enough to slap him in his face like this? Do tell if so. Don't bash him without thinking outside your little box.

hamburgerhill5321d ago

No it wasn't God of War was the shortest game ever, what 4 hrs lol! PS3 needs to catch gears before they try and talk all technical because gears graphics are about to be surpassed on 360 already leaving PS3 further and further behind!

ChefDejon5322d ago

if you complete gears in any range at 8-10 hours you must be dumb its has 5 lvls with 5 cutscenes each lvl. the game really isnt that hard even on insane gears is like a 5 hour game a hour for each act.

FeralPhoenix5322d ago (Edited 5322d ago )

Gears took me about 10 hrs to complete on the insane mode(after I beat it on the other 2 modes), the gameplay is [email protected] and the game is very, very good online but I will agree the campaign mode is a little short.....Resistance with all that content is still only 10 to 12 hrs so I don't know why people are acting like 8-10 hrs for Gears campaign is the end of the world (only the haters), yes it should have been longer....but its a SHOOTER, not a RPG, and the replay value of shooters these days is all about the online play, and Gears is fun as hell online. -The bottom line; Gears is the GOTY, and Resistance is...uhmm, a good game.

Optimus Prime5321d ago

i would love to see you finish it in 5 hours

BubblesDAVERAGE5322d ago

On superhuman mode resistance is not no 10-12 hour game,,,