Rare's Take on Viva Pinata's performance and the next Banjo-Kazooie title

Rare is a reclusive studio, happy to beaver away on projects and let the games do the talking. When Microsoft bought the company back in 2002 it remained out of the limelight - but following the launch of Xbox 360, Rare's public profile began to rise once again.

The studio demonstrated its commitment to the 360 launch with two titles, Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo: Elements of Power, and followed them up last year with new intellectual property Viva Piñata. Today sees the release today of Jetpac Refuelled for Xbox Live - another indication that Rare is working hard to prove it's worth the USD 377 million Microsoft paid for it.

Microsoft publicly labelled Viva Piñata as an example of its efforts to target a younger demographic, and it seemed that if anyone could capture the lucrative kids' audience it would be Rare. But when Viva Piñata was released last December, it failed to enter the all-formats top 40. So how did the studio feel about the titles lacklustre performance?

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God of Gaming4759d ago

I sure hope they make another Viva Pinata... it was a great game!

Columbo4759d ago

I totally agree. That game was so addicting. I have all the achievements except the "play for 50 hours" one. I'll need to get back into to it so I can finish it up.

I can't wait for Banjo-Kazooie!

m234759d ago

I loved banjo games on the n64, I cant wait for this one.

likeaboss3024759d ago

Can we get another Killer Instinct game out already? At least bring the old ones back for Arcade!

bootsielon4759d ago

...arcade perfect port would be nice (of the first one), but I seriously think they should make a new one to exploit 360s hardware, and of course, some revolutionary gameplay would help. That game would certainly move units.

slugg4758d ago

To release the original Killer Instinct and Jet Force Gemini on Arcade, then make modern, 360 updates to both. I always thought these were Rares two best games....

Theo11304758d ago

I just want a Jet force Gemini sequal,that would be insane i'd be like rachet & Clank except with a Dog and guns