Microsoft's Big Announcement is a Mobile Browser - Deepfish!

Sorry to quash the irrational exuberance of suspected Zune and Halo 3 announcements, but this one is still big and you're getting it early. There's a new web browser in town for Windows Mobile fans that goes by the name Deepfish. It runs technology borrowed from Sea Dragon, the imaging engine behind Photosynth.

It's free and you won't have to wait for an update to be pushed out through your cellular carrier to get it, you can download it now.

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Neutral Gamer4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

I seriously hope this isn't the second of Microsoft's "big" announcements, cos if it is (and I sure hope I'm wrong) then this is the BIGGEST ANTI-CLIMAX ... EVER!

Not that I'm trying to detract from Deepfish's obvious usefulness when browsing the web on a mobile, and the way it smoothly zooms in and out does look cool.

It's just that, I, along with many other people no doubt, were expecting a gaming and more specifically an Xbox 360 announcement. :(

m234316d ago

I told you the second announcement had nothing to do with the xbox 360. The Larry guy had already posted a comment way before to tell everyone, so they wont get hyped up as much as they did.

eques judicii4316d ago

it may not have been xbox related, but after using some mobile browsers, that looks really cool... i won't be getting a smart phone until my current contract expires, but that feature definitely makes me want to get windows mobile and not iphone.

kmis874316d ago

Damn, I thought they were gonna announce Halo3 beta details. Someone in my dorm preordered Crackdown for it so I was counting on checking that out.

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The story is too old to be commented.