New "Intoxicating" Spider-Man 3 Trailer Shows Off Venom

The new Spider-Man 3 "Intoxicating" trailer was released today. Expect in this trailer some awesome graphics, and a battle with a big-ass Sandman, and Venom.

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Tyrael4751d ago

but what the hell are they doing advertising "the sandman" in all the trailers and giving venom like a 2 second cameo. I mean cmon yeah sure maybe they are trying to build anticipation, but seriously, if you want more hype for the film, ditch the retarded beach bum action shots and show me some more f*cking Venom

THWIP4751d ago

Anybody know of a better quality version of this video?

BB4751d ago

Higher your contrast because it looks fine to me

The Panther4751d ago

this is the first trailer that is getting me excited.
shouldnt there be more media for a game if its coming out so soon with the movie.