Sly Cooper 4 Hinted In Infamous Demo

Bitbag: Thanks to tipster Perfectgun, we have this cool little image from the Infamous demo. As you can see, Sly Cooper 4 is pictured in the screen shot. Sly Cooper 4 was already supposed to be out, but got pushed back so Sucker Punch could do Infamous. Here's a blurb from Wikipedia.

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TheHater4229d ago

Sly mother [email protected]#KER :)
So basically Sly 4 is basically confirmed.

Dragun6194229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

This is becoming a really good year for Sony and their PSP and PS3.
It looks like PS3 is picking up steam with more exclusives such as Trinity Universe, Last Rebellion, and a new Yakuza game already in development. Now there's Sly Cooper 4.

It just makes me wonder whats next? Jak 4 on PS3? Hell I'm hoping for a Dark Cloud 3 announcement.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4229d ago

PSP probably has a bigger audience in terms of younger gamers, not to mention that I doubt that Sucker Punch is making two full-fledged AAA PS3 titles at once. Unless they are like Insomniac, of course.

Panthers4229d ago

we could always use another insomniac ;)

Never played Sly, but it always interested me. And since I havent played a platformer in so long, I would probably give it a shot.

Freak of Nature4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

I would not count on "confirmed" just yet,but...Sly,yes Suckerpunch are.

At least their is hope.Infamous will have quite the following,and Suckerpunch know just what they are doing going after the act/sandbox genre.But still being a "true platformer lover",I miss my "quirky stylish/creative platformers"....

The Sly games ooozed fun and style.With platforming,stealth,toon/caric atures and the overall creative design sense of Suckepunch,the next game belongs on the PS3....

I have my fingers crossed. I have heard word/whispers from old friends I worked with on long past projects,but you always take everything with a grain of salt.

This game could be well past "pre-viz"/concept art stage,into modeling/textures.Once the designers/pre-vis,modeling devs got through major portions of Infamous,they could well have started on this Months ago....Perhaps a teaser at E3? One could only wish...

I have my fingers's never a bad thing adding style,creativity,innovative charm with fun gameplay aspects,stealth and platforming to the PS3 line-up/And with all the extra power these talented devs have now,this game can be something special.......

Danja4229d ago

SLY 4 would just be awesome...

announce Jak 4 and i'll be in gaming heaven...

Ninver4229d ago

Well played indeed Sony. More exclusives makes me do Dirty things to my ps3. Oh by the way, you've all been Sucker Punched lol.

LastDance4229d ago

It doesnt necessarily mean they will be making it.

could just be a joke.

erathaol4229d ago

Sucker Punch has only around 60 developers working within their studio. All of which had spent the last 3+ years working on inFamous. If inFamous takes off like a rocketship in terms of sales, they'll probably be asked to work on inFamous 2 as soon as possible (just like Naughty Dog w/Uncharted). Not to say that's a bad thing. Its a very good thing.

Both Naughty Dog and inFamous chose to break off from their old franchises and venture forth into new territory. These titles where not made on a whim decision, they both thought really hard about what they would like to work on throughout most of the PS3's life cycle.

Coarse if inFamous could just be the last in the series, that would be sad, if that is the case than Sly Cooper 4 would be the most logical choice.

Trebius4229d ago

Doesnt take a genius to know everyone that sees it will think it's an easter egg hint. I believe it, why not? Infamous will sell well, and they know Sly would sell even better. So they might as well get that dough, it's there to grab.

SuperM4229d ago

Sucker Punch only work on 1 game at a time. So while Sly 4 might be their next game, we are not gonna see it for another 2 years atleast.

I_am_rushin4229d ago

It makes sense, since inFAMOUS can't have a sequel based on the ending of the game.

50CALheadshot4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

You know, the way i see it is this... the whole exclusivity thing was put into play as a means of slowing down hw/sw sales of the competition. Microsoft applied this strategy since the ps3s launch in a way to kill off the silent black console. Pick your poison.
Everyone knows how much the ps3 was supposed to fail, so what does sony do? They provide their userbase with true exclusives that push the PS3 platform, which has turned out to be, in my opinion : the deciding factor. No, its more like a string of wins that sony chained together. Exclusives,Brd>hddvd,Firmwa res.Network,SDK advancements+exclusives=WIN.

"ITS A MARATHON, the sprinters dont have the legs"

what do YOU believe now?
_____________________________ __________________

@1.11: dont be a douchebag. I dislike you #$%@#*%^ that post spoilers

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Chris Hansen4229d ago

[Ratchet, Jak, Sly, Toro]
The Sony Mascots

KKanjiAnkh4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

You forgot Crash, even though he's no longer w/us through Naughty Dog. *sniff*

The last great Mascot era, what beauty, anybody ever rember Crash Team Racing. I luv me some Mario Kart but GD, was that game nice.

And don't 4get, Klonoa, and Parappa.

Edit: I know it's Namco, but everyone remembers, the PS1-PS2, but still classic, am I right.

Edit: Don't worry N4G, I know you know, I didn't disagree

n4gn4gn4gn4g4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Klonoa isn't a SONY property (just came out on Wii and has been on Wonderswan and GB) I thought I saw it rated for PSN some time back...

*Disagree? WTF...Klonoa is a Namco property.

shadow27974229d ago

Let's not forget Kratos :)

I loved the Sly games. If that's SuckerPunch's next game, I'm excited. Though Sly 3's ending would be a good way to end the series, but we'll see where they take things.

This could just be an Easter Egg and not a confirmation of any kind. SuckerPunch is relatively small, so I doubt they've even started on Sly 4 if there's going to be one at all.

Shane Kim4229d ago

I have to say Snake and Kratos as well. Snake because he is most remembered on Sony's machines. Snake = PS.

And don't forget Polygon Man
He was supposed to be the original PS mascot but he was dropped out due to, well look at him.

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swiftshot934229d ago

yes yes yes!

all thats left is Jak PS3 and we will be in platforming heaven all over again (this time with LBP!). Come on naughty Dog!

Freak of Nature4229d ago

I could'nt agree more,and lets throw in a little game called trico for a perfect cherry on top of that pie...

Bubbles to you...

Killjoy30004229d ago

Trico is a company and that title is trademarked so I doubt it would be called that.

Max Power4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Oh man I am so effen' psyched.

EDIT: what time is the "movie" showing, perhaps its an indicator of when it could be released.

KKanjiAnkh4229d ago

Let the PS3, and PSP's stride, catch the I can't stop gaming diversity,like the PS2, and it will be burials, and eulogies, for cheap ass developers, who wanna skimp on their projects, and N2G's, who didn't get the memo.

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