Sony offers up a $100 PS3 price cut

The fine folks at Sony have a nice promotion going on that could make buying a PS3 a little bit easier on the old pocketbook...

Sign up for (and use) your new Sony credit card and you'll get a $100 credit applied to your card after your purchase. Of course, this credit can be applied to any gear you might want, but the PS3 is clearly begging for this.

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Chagy4753d ago

yea 100 dollars wont be nothing cuz interest will kick in and at the end your ps3 will be 1200 instead of 600 well that is if you just pay the min . rate all the time. but yea nice one sony

gta_cb4753d ago

i have been waiting for a deal/price cut on the PS3 to make myself wanna go out and buy 1, im not too sure about this... especially when its soo... easy to get in debt with a credit card.

(remembering, you can spend money you havnt got with a credit card, where as you only spend money you have with a debit card :D lol) sorry i spose all of you know this :P

power0919994753d ago

It comes down to the person with the card.

I have many credit cards that I open just to get deals similar to this.

Yet I have no balance.

Think of it as only buying things with cash. If you intend on paying for a PS3 in cash, then sign up for the card, get the 100$ off and pay off the balance immediatly.

Don't let 30 days go by and your all set.

Close the account if you want, or just cut the card. It's just about self control.

Either way this won't be the last time something like this will be offered by Sony, or any other company for that matter.

OldSchoolGamer4753d ago

its about self control. Yet, we are talking about gamers here who can camp for a week for a new game or system, lol rather than wait a week or a month! I can see some massives debts coming from this one.

shikwan4753d ago

Too bad most Sony fanboys are credit-less immature kiddies!

$379 for an Elite! Whoa!

Fuzz McDeath4752d ago

Then trade in your old system, and with the money you save buy a couple hundred bucks worth of games :)

power0919994752d ago

I will let you have your opinion, but was that really needed?

Ps30074752d ago

I might have to start tagging some of you on Gears of War again.. Muah aha haa :)

gta_cb4751d ago

well PS3007 if you do join us on Gears of War, then look me up, my gamertag is gta cb i will kick your ass! lol :P

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