Sony's Ray Maguire admits to ignoring PSP

In the second part of Game Industry's interview with Sony UK's Ray Maguire, the managing director admitted that they have been slightly more focused on the PlayStation 3. But now, after the European PlayStation 3 launch, they can split resources to give more focus on the PlayStation Portable. So Sony will go ahead and just do that.

In his own words, Maguire said, "We've been putting quite a lot of energy behind PS3, now we'll be able to split some of those resources and go back to the PSP to make sure we've got some compelling games coming."

For Sony, the PSP and the PS3 are both highly regarded, although it appears that the titles slated for the portable handheld have been lackluster of late.

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Bigmac5734757d ago

And putting a little more emphasis on another console, moron.