Pack your bags. Australian game reviewers offered hookers

When hookers are offered to game reviewers for better scores ... well, the game industry just got a whole lot more interesting. Official Australian PlayStation 2 Magazine's former editor Richie Young says he was offered sex, money, gifts, overseas trips and advertising support to influence game review scores.

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Longhornbevo5232d ago

Damn I want to be a game reviewer in Australia...

D R Fz5232d ago

it does have its positives.

PSN Starfleets5232d ago

Why on Earth are you men getting excited and happy at sleeping with hookers who'd probably sleep with animals if the price was right?

Honestly. You have no dignity.

SlippyMadFrog5232d ago

It's called testosterone baby ;)

PSN Starfleets5232d ago

You can get that too with actual real women and not ones who open their logs to anything with cash in it's pockets.

Maddens Raiders5232d ago (Edited 5232d ago )

Not surprising at all. Not even the least bit. I've said it for years: Never trust game reviews, and the only review worth the time and money is your own, hands - on review of whatever title in which you're interested. These "reviews" are so damn subjective and political it's a shame, but those are the wheels of commerce in action for you. Me...I'd rather skip the hype, fluff, & hooker influenced write-ups for real world on the game training. Of course, Paul Cerula would disagree with me.

grifter0245232d ago

Ok when this becomes wide stream Itll be sad.. Im glad someone finally had the guts to say what the did.... Wow hey where is that kid that said Msoft was childish... Kinda sinks his battleship dont you think...I wonder how long this has been going on..? Maybe killzone should have gotten a 5.4 or maybe some others that should have been lower scores.. Plus Yes I agree with you it's dumb to have sex with a hooker but their in lies the point.. It's a HOOKER you can do anything to her or him for the right price.. Plus they did invent the condom just slap 2 of those baby's on and your set you might want to shave though Crabs... The funniest quote ive ever heard that came to mind was that Stewie Griffin from Family guy "So what do you have any tread on the tires, Or is it like throwing a hotdog down a hallway?" Thats some funny stuff right there...

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