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SOE hopes that you will be downloading the future games of PSP.

What is the future of the PlayStation Portable? That was the question IGN posed to some of the brightest and biggest talents who have worked with the game system. It's going to take technology, skill and vision to keep PSP going at this pace and attract a bigger audience. If there's a development team out there that thinks it has proven its ability to pull that off, chances are they got a buzz from IGN this week.

Each developer that participated in IGN's The Future of PSP feature was asked a series of questions about their work with PlayStation Portable, both past and present. To give context to the entire opinion set, IGN asked each team a set of six common questions about the PSP:

* What have you learned from PSP?
* How do you approach PSP development?
* How tough are the budgets on PSP games?
* What can Sony could do for developers?
* What features of PSP need to be pushed?
* What is the future of PSP?

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Torch4751d ago

But didn't Sony already sell somewhere along the lines of 25 million units (I may be wrong)...with unit sales increasingly surging as of the recent few months?

Perhaps I'm naive, but PSP sales don't sound like small potatoes to me. Yet I hear nothing but doom and gloom about the system.

Go figure.

gta_cb4751d ago

i think that Sony likes the PS consoles more then there handheld, especially with the next gen graphics not available on the PSP.

I think the PSP is great, i have fw 3.02 OE-A on mine, i know that they have recently released fw 3.30 but i wont be upgrading untill the great PSP mod people like DarkAlex, although if they have problems that slow them down (wont stop as they always mod Sonys updates hehe) then i mite try fw 3.10 OE-A ...

anyway sorry about getting off topic, what i was gonna say is, if they want people to be able to download games in the future just like the downloadable demos and PS games, then i think it will increase the piracy...