MS: Xbox 360 is now like BMW 3, 5, and 7 series - Judge on price and space

On10 provided video look at the new Xbox 360 elite, the MS exec in the video said the analogy that MS has been using for the three Xbox 360 versions is the BMW 3, 5, and 7 series. They want to give people a choice on price and the size they need.

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kewlkat0074752d ago

As long as all the BMDubbs take Gas, and drive you from point A-B.

Who cares if mine is missing Leather seats, or a coffee warmer....

I bought a new 2006 car with steering wheel radio controls. The 2007 added 4 more buttons, should I go buy a new one and Upgrade. NO!!!

My 2006 does what it's suppose to do first.

jerrell4752d ago

So now they are saying they are positioning it like the BMW!! You just don't do that. BMW comes out with all the models at the same time, not one by one. That is like buying a 7 series and then come out next 1.5 years later with a 9 series (non- existant). What I am trying to get at is this is a gaming market. You cannot do that to the consumer. This should of came out with the rest of the line-up, not 1.5 years later. THAT is how you give consumers choice!! Not @$$ rapping them later with a new model. And this crap still does not have wi-fi! I got to hand it to Sony, sometimes u got to give the consumer what they will need for the future now and have them find out later that the purchase they made was a solid one versus Microsoft coming out with a Premium and thinking you have a good system, but come to find out, they are making a better one! And on top of that, they will be coming out with another XBOX 360 with that 65nm chip in it. Good grief!!! Before it is all over, there will be 4 different types of Xbox's out there and it really does not need to be. In my opinion, make a badass system right off the rip, and if the consumer b&%$#@ at the price, that is their problem cause they obviously do not understand what they are getting.....i.e. Sony PS3 (Blue-Ray, WIFI, 60GB, 7 possible connections for controllers, SD SLOTS, MEMORY SLOTS, HDMI, INTERCHANGABLE HD, FUTURE PROOF!!. I don't own any yet, but I will have them both by the end of the year, but Microsoft has dropped the ball with this one. XBOX is not a bad system at all, but doing the early adopters like that, it must hurt a little.

deadeyes994752d ago

some people can afford the luxury of cars like that (me) and anyways better back to the game part yeah 360 should keep new systems in the mix it offers more variety, ps3 gives u 2 crappy options and both are expensive thats why they sell way less.

Ps30074752d ago

Enjoy your 3 sku's.... Why not 5.... Lets go 10... How many versions of windows, whoops i mean 360 will their be.

razer4752d ago

I wouldn't be surprised to see another model in another year. This Elite doesn't even have the 65nm chips or the quieter drive, etc. The early adopters on this one are going to be outdated in no time.

At least if I buy a BMW I can trade my old model in twords the purchase of the new model.. So this comparison is something they should not be making. The whole site is total garbage and they will post anything just to get some hits. Like the 2 biggest announcements since CES, the elite (we knew already) and a beta web browser for smartphones(WOW!).. I don't recommend the site.

Ps30074752d ago

Things like Wifi, High Def Movie Player, are all "options"... I would consider Microsoft to be the dealership... New model next year! LMAO

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