Second Opinion: Crackdown Is An Addictive Substance

Chris Kohler believes Crackdown is brilliant for so many reasons. He usually doesn't sink six hours at a time into any video game, so the fact that he did this twice in a row, spending all weekend glued to the screen, Means Something.

In this article, he talks about Crackdown and why he is so addicted to playing it:

"I generally don't play open-world Grand Theft Auto clones. But Crackdown is the unholy, delicious love child of GTA and Super Mario Sunshine. I couldn't care less about shooting criminals, for the first few hours -- I just leaped and bounded across the city, gleefully prancing across rooftops. And I was rewarded for it! Not just with the sheer joy of the act itself -- even though that would have been, for a while, reward enough. No, the more you explore and leap, the more your powers increase, and the higher and farther you can go. Rewards are so frequent that it keeps you hooked, because there's always 'just one more' thing to do before you take a break. You never take a break."

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