Valve: PS3 Online is 'Kind of Scary'

Later this year, Team Fortress 2 ends up on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, gamers will have the chance to jump online (though not necessarily against one another), and while Valve's already established in the PC space with Steam and worked with Microsoft on several Xbox products, Sony's world is alien to them.

Valve's head of marketing Doug Lombardi explained to Game Informer why they're hoping Electronic Arts, who's helping them develop the PS3 port while Valve maintains the Xbox 360 and PC versions internally, will guide them to the other side.

"PS3 is brand new and PS3's online is kind of scary so we're hoping that EA is going to be a strong partner for us. (laughs) It's always the scariest thing when it's not all yours. With the PC it's all ours, Steam is all ours, code's ours, game's ours. On 360 we're making it, we've made it before, we know what the Live thing is, although it's Microsoft's so we kind of know it. PS3 we're not building it, we haven't made a PS3 title before, and we don't really know what PS3 online really is. It's always the devil you don't know that you're the most scared of."

With EA's backing, however, PS3 owners shouldn't worry -- Team Fortress 2 on PS3 should be just as capable as it will be on every other platform it appears on in 2007.

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Boink4759d ago

cause EA has done such a great job with all their other games.

r10004759d ago

You are correct sir.....

highps34758d ago

Seriously if they want to talk, cool, see them on bit torrent.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4759d ago

so it pretty obivious where their bias is.

Stop talking and keep makin games

lilwingman4759d ago

"With EA's backing, however, PS3 owners shouldn't worry"

Needless to say, I'm worried.

OldSchoolGamer4759d ago

Series is one of the best selling, most acclaimed pc FPS (actually FPS any format) of all-time, regarded by many as a masterpiece. So, familiarity with the PC (check). I wouldn't worry though if anyone can port a game its EA, lol they sure do enough porting next madden is going to come out simultaneously for PS3, xbox 360, PS2, Xbox, PS, Wii, DS, GB advanced, GB, PC, Saturn, 360, Dreamcast, SNES, NES, Genesis, Turbographix, Lynx, Game Gear, Neo Geo, Super Famicom, Colleco, Atari, Sega Master SYstem, the unreleased M2, and my watch. Unfortunately will be the same as last years madden but they add new training camp games which include: Seeing how far you can get with a cheerleader without getting a sexual harrassment claim, how many lines of coke your agent can do before the draft combine to better pump your reputation, and a customized peyton manning endorsement generator, where you can combine any product imaginable and a real time simulation of Peyton Manning doing anything you want.

Scythesean4758d ago

sounds to me someone os being a lazy ass and not wanting to learn how something works. Figures as much, but of lazy b!tchez.