Rein: Microsoft Made an HD Mistake

Despite his vast knowledge of video games, Stephen Totilo is, it appears, a television newb. That's right, he owns a (gasp) SDTV.

Valiant in the face of overwhelming odds, Totilo went looking for kindred spirits on the cusp of Microsoft's big HDMI announcement.

He found an unlikely ally in Epic's Mark Rein:

"The amount of crap that can go on in the scene isn't defined by the monitor, it's defined by the graphics capabilities," he said. "I think Microsoft made a mistake when they tied Xbox 360 so much into HD TV. What they should have done -- it's complicated jargon, but they should have talked about high-definition visuals and high-definition TVs as separate things. Yes, the high-definition TV will improve the look of the high-definition visuals, but you still get much higher-definition visuals on Xbox 360 than you do on Xbox or PS2. Much higher."
After that Rein started to spiral down into technical jargon and talk of down-sampling, losing both Totilo and my interest."

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FordGTGuy4753d ago

By making it look to good?

PS360PCROCKS4753d ago

yea I was a lil confused by that also

highps34753d ago

That site is useless...

THWIP4753d ago

...Rein spouts off stupid crap. :o

r10004753d ago

Yo I want the TV thats in that picture.... damn that thing is HUGE...

Syko4753d ago

I was just thinking, That's the only TV that would make the PS3 look small sitting next to it. Hell it would make the original XBOX look tiny.

TheMART4753d ago

The same is with Sony compared with the PS2

THat's the new HDTV area. We're just getting into it...

likeaboss3024753d ago

He's saying that even on a non HDTV the 360 graphics blow away the XBox and PS2. The problem is Microsoft's message came across as the 360 was only better then those consoles on an HDTV. Hence keeping people from jumping on board that don't own an HDTV.

dantesparda4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

I've been saying this since the beginning, but peope on this site cant seem to understand that! if its not being said by some website or some company spokesperson. People on this site cant seem to understand things. I've been saying all along how it doesnt matter whether you play your 360 at 480p or 1080i, the graphics will look exactly the same! and as a matter of fact, the game will usually run at a smoother framerate at the lower res (480)whereas it'll tend to usually frame-up (which really means "frame-down", lose frames) as you push up the res (720p and above)! And the Anti-Aliasing is usually stronger (4X) at the lower res (480p) vs the higher res (720p and above).

However there are other issues to take into account. A LCD or Plasma screen have a what they call a "native res", and when something is not runned at that res, it will look blurrier. So of course if you run your 360 at 480p on a 720p native LCD or Plasma TV, then its gonna look worst (blurrier) than if you run it at 720p. But its because of the LCD's or Plasma's native res issue, not because graphics look so much sharper at 720p than at 480p. LCD and Plasma screens do not like anything outside their native res, and they will make it look blurry buy comparison. Why do you think that regular Cable/Satellite non-HD images looks so blurry on those TV and HD looks so much sharper? its just because of the LCD & Plasma not liking any resolution outside of it native res. I mean come on people, think about it, if you hook up a PS2 or Xbox or GC to a regular non-HD TV, and you connect a 360 to it. You cant tell that there is a world of difference between them, graphically wise?

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The story is too old to be commented.