PS3 and XBOX 360 Loading times

Which console loads the quickest? You might be suprised to see who waits and who plays! You'll have to watch to find out!

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Robotz Rule4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

The Playstation 3 load times are faster and if you disagree you are obviously a Xbox fanboy,just look at oblivion!

Good stuff "ASSASSYN 36o" keep it up!

ASSASSYN 36o4753d ago

I won`t dignify this one with a response.

SmokeyMcBear4753d ago

but uhhh you just did.. and you used you only bubble for it.. good job

SlippyMadFrog4753d ago

It's just proven with this video that Project 8 loads faster, why do you have to be an Xbox fanboy to believe it??? I think you just need to be not visualy impared to believe it. I hate it when people accuse other people of being fanboys whithout a vaild reason. Can you maybe post links to where it says that PS3's load times are faster in general? If you can't then it's only fair and logical to call you a sony fanboy. Actualy DVD's read faster than Blu-Ray and that is a fact. I realy hate people coming on here and posting without thinking and generaly making crazy statements. I now assume that you are 14 years old and only want attention.

m234753d ago

did robotz even watch the video?

DeadlyFire4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

The video makes perfect sense that the PS3 takes a few seconds longer cause 2x Blu-Ray isn't as fast as 12x DVD which the X360 does indeed have. 2x Blu-ray isn't much slower though. 4x Blu-Ray would blaze past 12x DVD in speed. Games can be optimized to run faster though on the systems.

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marionz4753d ago

i found motorstorm takes ages to load, especially when trying to select a car it takes a long time for the image to show up on screen befor you can select the next one
also its painfull waiting for RFOM to load
at the end of the day it doesnt matter because with time developers learn how to make games load faster, like oblivion on ps3 doubleing the data so the blue ray can load it quicker, if they didnt do that it would have loaded slower then the 360 version

GaMr-4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Yea... I also saw a home video like this one of Gears running on a PS3 !

This is uncredible crap. lol sorry buddy

Keyser4753d ago

That's the bad part about this video, it's one game. Next someone is going to do the same thing with a PS3 game loading faster than the 360 and we'll have this argument all over again.

"Can't we all get along?" is too cliche...

"STFU" is too crude...

"Who cares?" is very appropriate. I have both systems but I'm not going to play them both at the same time. The was like 5 seconds different. If I had bought the game for both systems (which I wouldn't) and played them indepedently I probably wouldn't have noticed that. That video was at the start-up, not even ingame.

I'm certain that the next argument is which console is a deeper black, PS3 or 360. Doesn't effect gaming...

FordGTGuy4753d ago

Blu-Ray takes longer to read the disc and you can install games on the PS3 and you will have faster load times.

Xbox 360 has a faster reading capability and the better compression allows more information to be moved at once. You cannot install games onto the Xbox 360 to make the load times faster.

They are unfair comparisons because of the way you can separately setup each of them and they use a different type of disk drives and both reads the information differently.

GaMr-4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

I dont believe it...all this time I thought you were a biased prick...

Positive feedback from me . Well placed comment.

Cheers !!!

Eternal E 8084753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

because were talkin from a hardwear stand point and it seems like the ps3 is slower and to say its not fair is wrong because theres a reason ps3 didnt have a core ps3 is because blu-ray wouldnt make up for its speed, its obvious why sony didnt use a removeable HDD because of blu-ray.

Blasphemy4753d ago

ps3s hdd is removable it tells you in the manual how to remove it to add a bigger hdd.

kmis874753d ago

The ps3 does have a hardware disadvantage in slower maximum read speed (although it does have faster minimum read speed), but it also has an advantage in harddrive caching.

Besides hardware, there is also a software aspect to which one loads faster, so that needs to also be taken into account. Since THPS8 for the ps3 is basically a port of the 360, it has an immediate disadvantage. Unfortunately, many upcoming games for the ps3 are also mere ports, but ones like Oblivion that are much more adapted to the ps3 hardware do show comparable loading times to their respective 360 versions.

Eternal E 8084753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

but the only reason the ps3 version of oblivion is better because the devs had much more time to develop it on the ps3 then they did with the xbox360s.great game none the less

Nik4753d ago

They also have patches for X360 and you don't see X360 version becomes better after patching. Patch is released after PS3 version... patch = dev. time too isn't it?

hfaze4753d ago

Is due to hard disk caching more than anything... That's why Microsoft REALLY needs to drop the 360 Core SKU, drop the price on the 360 Premium, drop the price on the 20GB hard drives, and allow developers to REQUIRE the hard drive for their games..

I thought that was so goofy that ALL of the original Xbox'es had hard drives STOCK... But the 360 comes out with a model that doesn't have a hard drive, and devs are supposed to code their games as if the 360 DOESN'T have a hard drive...

Besides, $99.99 for a 20GB hard drive? Can you say GREED...

shotty4753d ago

What patch for oblivion?....there hasn't been a patch since last year. Also only certain things can be solved by patching.

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