Insomniac Video Interview finds out from insomniac what it's like working with the newest generation of consoles, and the differences in designing for the PS2 and PS3.

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ChefDejon4756d ago

to get alot wrong and still make a game that good. shows how good insomniac is as developers. and how much potential the ps3 has.

techie4756d ago

Can't wait for Ratchet. Really cant

T-Virus4756d ago

They didn't go wrong, they just want you to think they have loads of potential left, which no doubt they have, but saying that is bullsh**.

GaMr-4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

Deathtok: granted. I understand what your saying but all im doing is simply highlighting a key statement in the interview that I think will appeal and be very knowledgeable to PS3 fans and owners. Its good to know that after pushing out a killer app like Resistance. They arent content with their ability and still feel they can go harder next time. I mean honestly. Am I wrong for pointing that out?

If anyone thinks im wrong. disagree

NOTE: Dammnn those clips make me wanna go get a couple games of Resistance going... anyone care to join?


deathtok4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

I just saw your PM this is what I wrote back:

"GaMr you have great submissions here, I'm not calling that into question. But if you use " " it should be a direct quote not verbatim. I could have jumped the gun."

EDIT: I meant paraphrase not verbatim.

Premonition4756d ago

That guy sounded kinda sleepy

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