PDX Respond to 'PS3 Loader' Moans

Console hacking group 'PDX' has responded to the cries over their loader not being released on the PS3 yet. Their developments will ready when they're ready, they seem pretty aggrevated by a number of comments recently of which you can read fully inside. Just to clear something up, DARK_ALEX NEVER EVER said a single word about the group, so comments against him are unjustified.

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Ps3604204757d ago

Ps3 still remains unhacked until they release source code. You all went back on your word so its your own fault. Face it you guys got called out and couldnt deliver..

highps34757d ago

Yea guess they were full of it. Nothing has been released the launch has come and gone. They know what firmware everyone has. If they have it working why dont they release proof of concept "Hello World" program like every other normal hacker.

They were full of it and I bet the Ps3 is a lot harder to hack the anyone dreamed about.. Good luck but do let us know when/if you hack it.

Provide source code next time you guys talk.