Q&A: CryEngine 2's Gain, Crysis Consumers' Wait?

When it comes to game developers selling their in-house technology to others, there's really only one reason - cold, hard cash. With the price tag on a game engine now measured in the millions of dollars when you throw in royalties, who'd want anything more?

Crytek's development director, Harald Seeley [pictured], for one. "We enjoy playing other company's games, but we just wish they looked a little better," he grins, playfully. "It's not that we want to see everyone using our game engine. Whether they license our engine or improve theirs, it doesn't matter. We want every game looking this good."

He looks over at the screen where Crytek's PC shooter Crysis runs in its full DirectX 10 resolution glory. "The whole industry benefits as the bar gets raised," he adds. "And it's fun to be on the raising end, not the chasing end."

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