Dying gamer tried to write killer's name in own blood

Matthew Pyke and his girlfriend, Joanna Witton, of Nottingham, U.K., met David Heiss, from Limburg, Germany, on their Advance Wars online gaming forum.

Heiss now stands accused of murdering Pyke, a computer science student at Nottingham Trent University, after making several surprise trips from Germany to visit Pyke and his girlfriend and allegedly becoming obsessed with Witton.

Jurors were presented on Tuesday with images of Pyke's computer, on the side of which he was said to have written the first three letters of Heiss' name in his own blood as he lay dying from 86 stab wounds to his body

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Smacktard5074d ago

What a shame. Gotta feel bad for the guy, and sorry for the girl :(

jessehaysfl5074d ago

yeah really sad.....they liked a DS game so they made a website then this happens sooo sad. all dude wanted to do was have fun on a game.

Bnet3435074d ago

Only in America ... oh wait ...

jessehaysfl5074d ago

@kigmal I know i shouldnt laugh at that but god damn it i sure as hell did.

50CALheadshot5074d ago

this scenario sounds like a finishing move in the game

poopface15074d ago (Edited 5074d ago )

why? because if some dude tried to visit someone in America(under similar circumstances) he woulda been shot, beaten, killed on his first visit and no innocent person woulda gotten hurt.

This is a sad story but the guy shoulda taken a bat outside with him the first time the guy visited.

It said he visited and refused to stay in a hotel???? If someone tried pulling that with me its would be bat time.

I hope this guy gets thrown in prison forever, where his nerdy gamboyazz will get pounded repeatedly. Then I hope he gets aids and dies a slow death of brain cancer.

I wish I was president so I could reinstate torture. There is too much pussiness in the world today. We need torture, and we need it now. I am fully willing to vote for torture because I am willing to accept responsibility for my actions. How it is today you can kill people, and get a slap on the wrist. Like the story about the kid who killed over 'counterstrike' and only got 4 years, even though he hit the guy with a brick(they said its accidental). I think torture would stop about 90% of the violent crimes today. After a couple public tortures on TV, we would be a much safer country.

That wont happen to me. If someone suspicious ever approaches you, please beat them to death with a bat first, ask questions later(chances are, even if their innocent, you can say it was accidental or plead insanity to escape the consequences).

LOL mastiff.. you dont like the death penalty??? I guess you would rather have murderers live a meaningless existence sucking up tax dollars. Chances are, if you get the death penalty theres not a chance in hell that your innocent. for example, yesterday o the LOCAL news I heard a story about a guy who threw an infant out the window of a moving car. Do you think he should get life, or just save money/space/time/even air and gas him. personally I wish wed just torture the guy to death on national tv. Something related to his crime. How about throw him into shark infested water and broadcast live as hes torn to shreds by hungry sharks. Maybe thats a little bit of wishful thinking, but I can guarantee you even the worst parents will start taking beter care of their babies after seeing that.

The longer we wait to reinstate torture the more innocent people will die. Plus why should it be the innocent people hat always die in horrible ways.

Tito Jackson5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

Achievement Unlocked: OVERKILL

TheDude2dot05073d ago

I bet Jack Thompson will try to pin this on Advance Wars.

"OMG the word wars brainswashes our kidz in2 killa!"

RememberThe3575073d ago

That is why I love this country. Violence is our virtue. :)

SinnedNogara5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )


True, America isn't what it is hyped to be. Our literacy rate is 44, our health system is the 72nd best in the world. 63% Americans don't believe in something that was proven 200 years ago (Evolution). President Bush was the dumbest idiot of all time. Americans can't win a war against terrorists that blow themselves up to win a battle?! Our economy sux. I bet we look weird when we are 72nd in health-care waving the foam #1 finger!!

Sad for the guy who got killed. First the craigslist killer, now this!!

fenix13005073d ago

First off the US is 15th on the HDI index so please stfu about health care. secondly you worthless piece of crap our literacy rate established as of 2003 is 99% male and 99% female. lastly you obviously don't understand economics so let me put it this way If the US economy sucks then the rest of the world economy sucks there is a reason that the green back is universally viewed as the safest investment on the planet. America is not perfect not by a long shot but if your going to criticize something, do it on a legitimate basis not made up statistics. btw all my facts are from the HDI and CIAfactbook.

RememberThe3575073d ago


We got guns, and we can read good!

SinnedNogara5071d ago

@ fenix1300

Uhhh........OK. :|

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thereapersson5074d ago

Holy crap, that is a sh1tty way to die! Poor guy...

phosphor1125073d ago

That must be pretty f*ckin sh*tty. He probably didn't feel more than half of those though. After a certain point, his body would get a sensory overload, and would easily go into shock from trying to cope with the blood loss.

"I didn't mean to kill him" Yeah right f*cktard. Go to hell.

EastCoastSB5073d ago

The knife just slipped.....86 times.

Dark General5073d ago

And yet he still had the presence in mind to try and write out the guys name in his own blood.

Matpan5073d ago

Man if he had achieved writing the guy´s name he would have been tougher than rambo. He is at Rambo level for trying...

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LeGenDx5074d ago

i hope he gets rapes in jail

BX815074d ago

It's raped honey... it's raped.

pixelsword5074d ago (Edited 5074d ago )

I just hope he doesn't get crapes in jail; unless it's @$$-crapes.

I feel sorry for all of the victim's friends, family, girlfriend, and anyone else that cared for him near or far that has to endure such madness from that savage animal.

-MD-5074d ago

How on earth did he manage to write anything with 86 stab wounds?


well if it was his last breath, he was going down fighting. my thoughts go out to his girl and his family.

such a shame, this world we live in.

potenquatro5073d ago

That's exactly how I see it, he went down fighting. The raged hirless monkey(I apologise to monkeys)that did this will get his. Others will continue the fight for him.

Timesplitter145073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

Maybe Heiss only had a lvl 1 short dagger that deals 1-2 damage

Seriously though, this guy is pretty hardcore, and I'm sorry for his girlfriend

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BlueBadger5074d ago

86 stab wounds?

Jesus, no one should go through an experience like that, especially someone innocent.

RIP, poor guy.

And may the guilty get their just deserves. sigh

IaMs125073d ago

I quite agree. I have noticed that everyone shows sympathy for this man which is awesome and makes me feel great that others care about others even though they dont know them but how many show the samething towards Jesus? Honestly... you take him for granted but not this guy, where as he gets 86 stabs as Jesus gets enough where you cant even tell he was a person anymore.

Its a sad thing indeed anyone, even animals to go through something like that, and i pray for his family and friends and his girl.

Why shouldnt God get the same attention?

warfed5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

Maybe that's because this guy was not imaginary?

GiantEnemyCrab5073d ago

"86 stab wounds?

Jesus, no one should go through an experience like that, especially someone innocent.

RIP, poor guy.

And may the guilty get their just deserves. sigh "

Quoted for Truth!!! Agreed %100

So sad. RIP

SinnedNogara5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

The worst part is that Pres. Obama is trying to get the death sentence removed (from what I heard). Now the guy who stabbed him is going to LIVE!! BS!

He'll get a shower, a TV, food, water, shelter, sleep.

Matpan5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

Let´s see... Jesus was wiped and crucified 2000 years ago, which more or less makes sence that people feel sympathy for this guy who was killed some weeks ago. This guy was a gamer, so many gamers feel a connection, maybe, making this more "close" in some way. And (while doubtful in a historical point of view as some may argue), Jesus martyrism was exploited on behalf of an institution that held control over people´s life and incomes for centuries in a quite obscure way... And while the catholic church has sort of done a mea culpa for all it´s past mistakes, it sure wasn´t the best advertisement in Jesus´ favour, right?...

There you got a couple of reasons...

IaMs125073d ago

Im saying there is no difference, and of course i can agree and relate that you do feel more sympathy when its at your time. I do too like my Uncle Died last weekend due to heart valve failure and yes i felt sympathy.

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