EA: PC is Becoming the World's Largest Gaming Platform

Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown says the advent of digital distribution has put the PC on track to becoming the "largest gaming platform in the world."

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Coheno3547d ago

It has always been the largest platform! And yet Spore only did 2 mio!

Mindboggle3547d ago

Yet it probably did 10 million illegal downloads..

TABSF3547d ago

PC gamers dont like getting ripped off and DRM if just that

like valve has done on research,

no drm and cheaper games
means more sales and less backlash from gamers

and thats the reason why spore sold so poor
release your game with DRM and charge more than £25 or £30 and then you should expect piracy, its just dumb

on consoles you may want to pay £50 for sh!t games were you feel like you've been mugged or get and better version for like half the price on PC

theox2g73547d ago

yep Sins of A Solar Empire, Indie game for a niche crowd, No hype, popularity or advertisement mainstream whatsoever and yet it did 500k in its first week because it didn't have any DRM at all

Spore's exaggerated rampant piracy was just an elaborate message to EA to stop the DRM crap, Most people who legitimately purchased Spore were screwed over by the online DRM because of server issues whiles pirates had hassle free experience, How fair is that? What do you expect an honest customer to do when their legally bought copy isn't working and they're well aware there's a working pirated version?

I know a lot of people who bought Spore and yet still pirated it to spite EA and be able to play the game, Same thing happened with Bioshock, They didn't expect great sales for pc at launch, So their servers weren't enough for processing online activations and they were overwhelmed and crashed, In the end, honest customers were screwed over and got the short end of the stick whiles pirates went scott free in world in Rapture,

For Spore, The number were abnormally high and didn't match the number of creatures created at the time, Which clearly shows some people just downloaded and probably never even played it, It was just a message

SaiyanFury3547d ago

Really? I thought PC gaming was dying out? I guess you can't believe everything you read on the internet. :P

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narked3547d ago

has been for quite some time

Mr Face Creamer3547d ago

The PC orginally was the largest platform of gaming at its beginning and it still is and will always be.

DeadlyFire3547d ago

EA needs to get some facts straight. PC gaming has always been bigger arena.

Pandamobile3547d ago

WoW has some 14,000,000 players. Steam has like 18,000,000 users. These two services outnumber Live's numbers and PSN's by a wide margin. And there's a lot more people playing games that aren't WoW or on Steam too. Just look at The Sims. That franchise has sold over 100,000,000 copies.

PC Gaming is alive and well, and will always be. Console gaming will die out before PC gaming ever does.

3547d ago
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