PS3 Casino Royale confusion cleared

Those of you entitled to a free copy of Casino Royale on Blu-ray will receive an email next week confirming that one will be heading your way, Sony told Eurogamer this afternoon, finally putting an end to confusion surrounding the giveaway.

"An email will go out at some point next week telling people if they have been successful or not with regards to registering on the [PlayStation] network for their copy of a Casino Royale Blu-ray disc," a spokesperson for Sony UK told Eurogamer. "Depending on the release date in each particular country the disc will be sent out accordingly."

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achira5234d ago

i hope i will get one. tried the casino royale trailer on psn and it is amazing, cant wait for it.

Bathyj5234d ago

I registered, but was worried it didn't confirm anything or even mention it. Better check my email. Looks like BR will win this month too.

And for the enevitable naysayers who will say a free give away shouldn't count in the charts, well I did spent grand and a half Australian on Friday so I think I paid for it, free or not.

The only question left is
"Will America accept a British James Bond?" - Homer Simpson. ;)

Optimus Prime5234d ago

this movie is greatness in a bowl. i loved this movie, the best action movie i have seen in a while