BioShock Wins Multiple E3 Awards

Some of the most acclaimed online publications on the 'net including IGN, GameSpot and Gamesradar have awarded upcoming Xbox 360 game BioShock their "Best of E3" award.


Bioshock: A Rapturous Revelation

Hey Poor Player's James Davie Takes Us On A Bio-Shocking Deep Dive Into Irrational Games' Nautical Nightmare.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s, SAG/Aftra News, Bioshock And More Skewedcast

Gareth, Justin, and Michael at Skewed and Reviewed look at timely and topical entertainment news on their latest show including the latest video game movie and news of another in the works.

ROCKY28210d ago

The movie was absolutely garbage !!!
BH needs to do better - since Halloween Ends - Exorcist , Freddy is Shyte - STOP IT !!!!

Garethvk210d ago

Didn't the creator write it? It also made a fortune based on the budget so from a business standpoint it is a massive success.


Why BioShock Deserves the Dead Space Remake Treatment

Dead Space recently received a popular remake that was faithful yet constructive, and the original BioShock is also deserving of this treatment.

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banger88419d ago

No it doesn't need it. It was remastered in 60 fps last gen and still looks and plays great. Would be a waste of time, money and resources imo. It's games from 3 or 4 gens back that could use the remake treatment.

FallenAngel1984419d ago

There have already been 7th gen remakes of games already

Dead Space in particular already proves that just because a game looks good on original hardware doesn’t mean it cant look and play better

Jin_Sakai419d ago

Agreed although I’m ready for some new groundbreaking IP this generation.

IamTylerDurden1418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Agreed. Remasters already happened and still look n play fantastic. DS was a different animal. It needed a remake, Bioshock doesn't NEED it. Infinite Remastered for example is extremely viable even today. What we do need is Bioshock 4. Rumors that equated to zip. Where is it? Ken really blew the pooch as well. Left to go do what? He was inspired by Tell Tale or something and went off to become irrelevant. Nice. And Bioshock Vita was scrapped. Fantastic.

toxic-inferno418d ago

Bioshock 4 is definitely still in development. News trickles out about it every couple of months.

And Ken's next game (Judas) looks great from the teaser trailer.

IamTylerDurden1418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Yeah. Pretty much. I understand why they did it with TLOU to coincide with the show but certainly it didn't NEED a remake desperately. Obviously u are trolling and expect me defend anything Sony but idgaf about all that. I say what i feel is the truth.

Just like TLOU i wouldn't be upset if Bioshock received a remake but it doesn't desperately need it. I'd probably even play it bc like TLOU, i love Bioshock, but in these aren't identical scenarios either. Ppl kill ND for TLOU Remake yet it wasn't even their project originaly. It started as a potential Uncharted remake and passion project via Visual Arts and was passed to Bend i believe? ND took over bc the project obviously wasn't where it needed to be. And yet they still had Factions and possibly TLOU 3 in development as well. Bioshock has been dormant for a decade bar the remaster. Rumors of a sequel haven't materialised. A remake without a sequel would be disappointing. TLOU Remake is more tolerable knowing sequel/spinoffs are in development. Like i said, dif situation.

neutralgamer1992418d ago

It's not all about looks only

Tweaks to story
Tweaks to characters
Improvements to gameplay

Original bioshock have the worst puzzle solving system and can get frustrating quickly

WiiU-Dude418d ago

The last part you said I agree COMPLETELY!!! Game companies need to mine games from the Sega Saturn, PS1 and N64 days and even the Dreamcast, GameCube, and PS2 days to give a full update to. I know those would require more work, but there are PLENTY of gems from those days that people would LOVE to play again or for the first time with a facelift!!! I know I would.

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418d ago
Binarycode418d ago

The games that need remaking are.

Resistance fall of man.

PS5 would produce something special.

There's been such an advancement in tech since the PS3 days. It would be awesome. DAY 1 BUY for me.

Storm23418d ago

I would kill for Resistance 1-3 Remake/Remaster. Same with MotorStorm series and Killzone series. Man, I loved my PS3. Can we also get the Metal Gear series and rescue MGS4 off the PS3? There is a rumor of MGS3 getting a remake. One of, if not my number 1, favorite game of all time.

On topic, I played Bioshock like 6 months after release after hearing from everyone and their mother how incredible it was. I know I will be in the minority on this, but I couldn't get into it. I think my expectations were too high. Totally my fault. Maybe I should give it another chance...

IamTylerDurden1418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Agreed, Killzone as well, but Sony has no interest in the future of those IP. It won't happen. If they cared about Motorstorm they wouldn't have axed Evolution. The last remaster from a dead studio "Wipeout" was exceptional yet nobody supported it. Even with a free VR inclusion. If ppl want these remasters...actually support the ones that release. Medievil same thing. Ppl cried for Demon's Souls Remake, The Last Guardian, Shenmue 3 and the sales didn't match the cries. None of these games sold as u would imagine given the internet pleas for these titles over a decade or more. DeS Remake did alright but given the circumstances it should've sold better. 92 Meta, PS5 launch exclusive, stunning visuals, and the first of the genre in an age where Eldin Ring will push 30 million units. Yes, DeS is only one platform but still.

Binarycode416d ago

I do agree mostly with what you said.

I bought killzone,2,3. Did not like 4 other then it's graphics.

I bought infamous 1,2. Second son never did it for me apart from again the graphics, so parts were good. But world felt too empty. Probably needed a PS5 to do it justice.

Bought all the Resistance and Motorstorms, those games were awesome. They 100% need a remake.

PS3 was just an awesome machine, I know it was a pain to develop for, but it had some many titles that I loved.
I really enjoyed the Bioshock series, the first 2 were best. Very good games.

As for Demon souls.and the souls series in general. They never have had massive sales. I think because they are very hard games. we are talking a million or less. I think the remaster did 1.4million.

Motorstorm pacific rift did 1.4million PS3.I think.

Hopefully some of them will come back.

-Foxtrot418d ago

I would love this

Expand on the lore

Incorporate Bioshock Infinite and Bioshock 2 plot lines

Add room rooms or maybe even an extra area

Maybe new plasmids

Give Jack a personality and add voice acting, it worked for Isaac. Jack did speak at the start of the game so adding onto that and giving him convos between Atlas or Ryan would be great

Aussiesummer418d ago

Man could you imagine what bioshock would look like in ue5 with full raytracing, phwaaarrrhh.