GRAW 2: Makes Xbox 360 go to the Red Light District - Problem Admitted

Ubisoft community manager has confirmed that GR: AW 2 developers are aware of a reported issue with their game and are urging gamers to come forward and let them know more about the problem. A large number of owners are reporting that the game freezes and then can cause the dreaded 3 red light syndrome.

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Violater4754d ago

say what?
Wait someone please explain this to me

Ps3604204754d ago

Look forward to the final release on the Ps3 in June :)

TheMART4754d ago

I have no freakin' idea

I play GRAW 2 a lot, no problems ever. No freeze, no nothing
All of my friends neither have problems. So I am curious what it's about

ASSASSYN 36o4754d ago

I agree I never had one lock up or problem nor heard of any from friends. BS flag raised on this one.

weekapaugh4754d ago

red lights and the 360 are synonymous

Bathyj4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Now games are bricking systems?

I've got to say this hasn't happened to me but I only played it for about a week. I haven't touched my Xbox since I got my PS3. I'll go back and finish it but now I'm scared another Xbox might die on me. If I have to take another one back to EB they might think I'm killing them on purpose.

Whats the story Ubisoft? I'm not turning this game on again til I find out.

And I dont know how anyone can call BS when Ubisoft admit the problem. I know you're pasionate about the only system you play but c'mon.

Xbox reminds me of a line from the movie Broken Arrow.

I dont know whats scarrier. The fact Xbox's break down so often or the fact they have a "broken down" light built into it.

The guy a few posts below me is right. Its a good reason to get multiplatform games on PS3 for fear of being left with a box load of games and no console to play them on. Dont bother telling me how much better the XB versions are. Some are better, some are worse, ALL are very similar to the point where the differences have no bearing on gameplay anyway. You play what you got.

And speaking as an Australian most the PS3 versions I've seen are cheaper anyway. THP8 $68 on PS3, $119 on Xbox. You tell me which ones worth it. Not all games are this cheap of course but I've seen a few for under $AU100 for PS3 including all 1st party titles while most on XB are $119 with the odd exception.

kingboy4754d ago

what`s up with this red light sh*t on the 360 crapping out every now and then?

The BS Police4754d ago

Let me just say that Ubisoft is at fault this time, not Microsoft.

BenzMoney4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

This is quite true. I own Graw2 and EVERY single time I play the game, it locks up on me (the first time I play it in a day). After it locks up the first time, if I shut off my box and turn it back on, then restart the game, I can play without it freezing. Apparently a LOT of people are having this problem. It is Ubisoft's fault because people are reporting that this is the only game in their library that is causing freezing issues. For some people it's so bad that they can't even play through more than 15 minutes without a freeze!

I *would* approve this story but I'm not a "contributor" so I can't. But I urge you that are to approve it. The more information Ubisoft gets from people who are having problems, the more likely they are to confirm what's causing it and issue a fix.

Keyser4753d ago

I had Need for Speed: Most Wanted freeze up on my 360 last night. It's the first time the system has ever frozen and i got it at launch. I was scared I would get the red light of death so I rearranged my entertainment center. Can't take the risk. I'm going to go find a small, portable fan from Walmart to keep air circulating past all my electronics down there.

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The story is too old to be commented.