PS3 Euro Onslaught Rages On: 8000 in 48 Hours (Austria)

Reports keep flooding in about PS3 sales in the first 48. Here is an article about how the PS3 has demolished the competition in austria.

Quote: "8000 Sony PlayStation 3 in two days
That is the sales impact in the first hours, where the PS3 was sold in Austria. In completely Europe could be distributed"

"The trade was sufficiently supplied - for Europe a contingent was intended of one million play consoles. After Microsoft sold 4000 XBox 360 and Nintendo in the first two days "only" with the Wii "only" 6000 pieces, one was surprised with Sony of success."

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Merovee5235d ago

Concept = Awesome

Actual translations = WTF was that?!?

Rofl, oneday we'll get it all figure out. Until then sentance structure be damned!

Good news though

Says you5235d ago

Games are just making excuses cause it was the same thing with the XBox 360 and look at australia there just buying the PS3 because they want to. not because there making that stupid excuse saying that the PS3 doesnt have good games when it does and plus the PS3 games are coming soon.

IPlayGames5235d ago

And who thinks international sells don't count.

MySwordIsHeavenly5235d ago

Nice to see how unbiased gamers buying the better system...


WhEeLz5235d ago

(random)" sparta!!!" Love that movie

Bathyj5235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

The more good PS3 news that comes through, the more pathetic the bashers sound. And they were already pretty pathetic.

My friend (who is greek) loved it so much he's actually started reading all thses history books. He's fixated on it now. Did you know the Turks almost completely wiped out the greeks. 20 million down to 1 million, but you never hear about it. Where their movie Steven Spielberg?

daomay5235d ago

mee too...cant wait for 300 on blue ray

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The story is too old to be commented.