X-Men Origins: Wolverine Video Game Trailer is Better Than the Movie

Slashgamer: "Do you guys remember the Halo 3 believe commercial, which aired right before the game was released? It was the ad that featured the Halo universe, but instead of using CG or actors, it simply showed action figures, which standing still, as the the camera went through the world. It was a pretty ambitious commercial, and obviously worked because the game went on to sell millions. Well that same director Rubert Sanders is at it again.

Sanders was asked to direct the advertisement for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game, which ironically is getting superior reviews than the actual movie. I hold the same opinion as Peter over at /film, somehow the commercial for a video game, which is adapted from a movie, is somehow better than the film… Did you get all that?"

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ASSASSYN 36o4186d ago

The wolverine movie sucked. The game was good. A few days ago there was an article stating the movie was scripted from the game which is un heard of. The parallels are apparent. In the movie wolverine is a punk. In the game he is a beast just like in the comics.

penguinhunter4186d ago

The ad is better than both!