Sony: Microsoft Has 'Got' The Hardcore Gamer

Sony America's, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, David Karraker has been quoted† as telling the world that, "They've (Microsoft) got the hardcore gamer - that's the 10-million figure", when countering the launch of the Xbox Elite.

Continuing his attack on the Elite, he commented "...the challenge is how do you grow the consumer outside of the hardcore demographic. We don't feel like splintering your market further is the way to do that." Plus, he notes, "From the developer side, they [the developers] still have to develop for the lowest common denominator - the Core SKU..."

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THWIP4752d ago

...but as usual, you'd have been better off just shutting the f*ck up.

This is a completely optional SKU, designed ENTIRELY for those who are interested in the optimum HD content experience, as well as the content available through Marketplace. This has NO effect on gaming...PERIOD.

ASSASSYN 36o4752d ago

Add this comment to that 10 things sony shouldn`t have said.

LSDARBY4752d ago

Hes right about the devs though, they will have to make games for the core system not the elite. But this elite is bound to increase MS sales which is good for them. bad for sony.

Ps3604204752d ago

Developers now have 3 Sku's to make sure a game can funtion on... Not very good becoming more like Pc's everyday.

blackmagic4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

The developers have always been making games for the core with subroutines to use the HD if available and as far as the different sku's, what's different? How big the hard drive is is meaningless to devs. A different output connection? Hell, no harder to support than the two different connections already available. If anything, there are less likely to be problems on hdmi than component since there is no dac to deal with on hdmi.

Edit: dac stands for digital to analogue converter in case some people weren't familiar with the acronym...

fjtorres4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

...but he's got it wrong...
It is a *good* thing that developers target the Core because the Core is Microsoft's defense against Wii.

Sony has no Core and hence have no defense against Wii; witness japanese sales. Microsoft is staying close to Wii's sales rate in the US, but Sony is getting buried in Japan.

The difference? The Core SKU.
It gets no respect but in the long haul it will be the most important 360 SKU. especially once the price cutting starts...

10 million installed base was the first milestone. Mission accomplished.
"Get to $199" is the next important console milestone. Stay tuned...

DJ4752d ago

so how is that a barrier against the Wii? It's not about having the lowest price possible. It's about what you offer at that price.

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Ludwig4752d ago

This isn't EXACTLY the opposite to what SONY is doing?..... *just asking the obvious for sure.*

gta_cb4752d ago

MS done the same by commenting on the PS3 i dont really think they should be saying these kinda things, and when you consider the 360 been out for a long time, its doing as good as the PS3 with graphics, so i have no more to say but please everyone no arguing.

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The story is too old to be commented.