Sony Says Xbox 360 is Trying to Catch Up to PS3

Sony executives have been known for making some rather entertaining remarks when comparing its PlayStation 3 to Microsoft's Xbox 360. SCEA PR chief Dave Karraker said that Microsoft was doing Xbox 360 Core owners a disservice with the introduction of the hard drive-mandatory Xbox Live Video Marketplace.

While hopes for the banishing of the Core unit remain unanswered, one of the PlayStation 3's bullet points over Microsoft's console was today removed from the list of Sony advantages -- the HDMI output for the highest quality picture possible on HDTVs...

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ASSASSYN 36o5792d ago (Edited 5792d ago )

Self centered, arrogant, over confident, and level 9 idiots at it again. It`s more like the PS3 is trying to catch up to sony`s ego. Where was all these 120 up-grade haters when Xbox was 60 gb and sony released a 100 gb add-on...!?

PureGamer5791d ago

hey the first few lines sound like your describing yourself good job.

BIadestarX5792d ago

Trying to catch up on what HDMI and Hard drive? Yeah, Sony invented those. Sony here is a tip: Catch up on live and market place before you acuse someone else of trying to catch up.

zantetsuken5792d ago

Funny how MS said 1080p and HDMI were pointless and not needed. Now they suddenly add them? I'd say they're clearly playing catch up now.

IPlayGames5791d ago

its called home and sony does entertainment so when they get where they want to be with the PSstore im sure it will be better than the market place.

Scythesean5792d ago

last time I checked the 360 didn't come with anything larger then the 20gb HDD and had no HDMI. On the other hand the PS3 came with both and more.

hmmm seems like if not for the PS3 having better parts MS would not have released this elite system. But the PS3 still has wireless networking and media card readers ALSO it comes with Blu-ray which is for watching HD movies.

Hmm again so who is cathing up here?.......

Wait I know!

Yes you in the rear (bill gates's that is) what is the answer.


Yes you are correct.

here is a cookie.

razer5791d ago

The elite is a blatant "Sony can do it, we can do it too". Funny thing is if you listen to Major Nelson(mouthpiece for MS) in his podcast about the Elite he even says they had plans for this Elite since the beginning. So the whole "HDMI doesn't matter", etc comments to Sony were really just to get people out to buy the console. They knew darn well it was important but figured they could keep their system at a low price point and catch all the hardcore fans and then spring this new system on them and they would buy it again.

haha Yea XBOX 360 LOVES YOU like a hooker! You gotta keep paying for that love.. ahah

Babylonian5791d ago

Your funny, but very good statement indeed.

That's what you get when you don't think ahead. Hey that rymes. Microsoft chose to begin early in the race, now they face the consequenses, kinda reminds me of the Hare and the turtle......who won again?

Bonsai12145791d ago

i agree with everything you've said. m$ underestimated the rate that digital media grows. they need to update their system so that it keeps with the changing times

jonnyjd15791d ago

...nothing more... MS is playing catchup and I'm a 360 owner. (now saving for a PS3)

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The BS Police5792d ago

Sony cathes up with Microsoft when it comes to amount of units sold.

zantetsuken5792d ago

Since we're doing units sold (which has nothing to do with the topic, btw), PS2 is at what? 113,000,000+? Ok, who's playing catch up?

Optimus Prime5791d ago

way to bring the ps2 into the topic. at a boy, just a typical sony fanboy move, they have to rely on the ps2 because the ps3 is BLOWING at sales.

weekapaugh5791d ago

PS3 is on a similar sales pace than the 360 was and the 360 had NO competition. Bottom line, the Playstation brand will always be in more homes the MS.

trane075791d ago (Edited 5791d ago )

they have to rely on the ps2 because the ps3 is BLOWING at sales.

Ps3 is blowing?? Hrmm..well number one its been proven be selling at a faster rate than the 360 when it launched, It hit record sales in europe, most preordered console, fast record numbers sold, and its blowing? THE 360 in japan is whats blowing. Regardless of how many AAA's you throw out. ps3 doesnt even have any AAA titles yet and yet you xfools want to jump the gun. to make it even funnier, half of the fools wont even buy a ps3 no matter how many AAA titles it gets or how low the price drops. If it sold for 170 bucks I bet some of you STILL wouldnt get it because of their ignorant "console loyalty" with MS.

At least sony still gets games for the ps2 made instead of doing a complete games abandonment like how MS did with the xbox.

jonnyjd15791d ago (Edited 5791d ago )

Weak, weak, weak. I hear a kindergartner screaming, "I WAS HERE FIRST!".

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JIN KAZAMA5792d ago

360 clan. Especially bladetar. He is the most naieve, dumbest person xobox zombie here. I bet he has the core and the premium and is getting in line to buy the elite. PEOPLE!! wake UP!!!!!. MS is once again doing what they do BEST! They are COPYING off of other people. Its freakin HILLARIOUS and PATHETIC at teh same time. Its EVEN BLACK!!! Talk about a rip off. 360 zombies will fall for anyhting. Meanwhile, PS3 is just crusing along, breaking records in Europe and just doing what a leader should be doing. Looking ahead, being creative, offering their customers tons of extras, without charging them(xboxLive, i'm lookin at you). its really a joke people. This reminds me of superman. When the three villians came into earth and tried to kill superman. Those three are the 360 different SKU, superman is the PS3. Sure, superman took a few good blows, but we all know how the movie ended.

The BS Police5792d ago (Edited 5792d ago )

Did sony invent HDMI? No

And to say the Elite is copying Sony becuase of the colour is jsut stupid, the oriignal Xbox was Back and Green, the Elite is Black and the light is green.

Shows how much you know.

5792d ago
rjkc5791d ago

Sony did invent hdmi along with Hitachi, Thomson (RCA), Philips, Matsushita (Panasonic), Toshiba and Silicon Image

shortyNZ5791d ago

maybe you would be happy if sony anounce a ps3 revision with unified ram so they dont have to drop online features or have sh1ty bleached out colour bad frame rate and jaggies.
ps3 is fat n ugly just like you so stfu for a change

how is it bad to take an great console and make it better?

jealous little [email protected] fans

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