Microsoft's game theory

Hardcore gamers have a new date to mark, Sunday, April 29, when Microsoft Corp. will unleash its latest iteration of the Xbox 360 game console.

What makes the new version, called the Elite, so special compared to its 16-month-old siblings is a 120-gigabyte hard drive, which is six times the capacity of the Premium model, and an HDMI video output, which theoretically could allow for higher resolution videos than earlier models. The new model will put gamers back $479 - $80 more than the old top-line Premium (seen at right).

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soldier sean5233d ago

....and i will sell my premium once i get my hands on a transfer cable ....anyone know if i can just network both my xbox 360's (premium and elite) in order to transfer the info like games and all that? or do i have to wait for that cable to come out separately?
thanks in advance.
anyone thats planning on buying one should state so right here , this is your space hardcore just interested in talking about this dope new piece of hardware were about to get in a month.

fjtorres5233d ago

He seems to think that Apple *invented* multi-tiered product pricing (AKA, "good, better, best" pricing).
Somebody tell him about the varying versions of Windows (since 1995) like XP Basic, Home, and Pro.
Or going back before he hit puberty, GM's old strategy of folks moving from starter Chevys to mid-range Buicks and high-end Caddys...

Sheesh, get out more guys!

MS isn't copying anybody; they just figured that if somebody wanted to throw money at them for a black case and an extra 100GB of drive space they really don't need, they'd be stupid not to take them on the offer.
Frankly, the more folks buy the Elite, the quicker they'll be able to drop the price of the Core.

soldier sean5233d ago

im not buying the elite for its space as much as im buying it for its 65 nm chip that will give me piece of mind. All xbox owners should have that .

nicodemus5233d ago

The Elite does NOT come with the 65 nm chip. They haven't announced when they'll switch to 65 yet (though probably by the end of the year). But if you're getting the elite for the new chip, DON'T! It uses the same 90 nm as the 360s from launch day.

Just didn't want you to make an expensive error!

Check the 3rd to last paragraph:

soldier sean5233d ago

thanks nico , even though you kinda bummed me out with the that i know that it wont include that chip i feel as if my purchase might not justify all the money im puttin down. , but i still take advantage of the other 2/3 features....the hdmi and the bigger hdd...and it doesnt hurt that it looks cool in black....but damn then again , that was a big blow you gave me but i appreciate it...and i know that the source you gave is credible since i listen to almost all of 1up's podcasts and videoshows so i know that luke wouldnt bullshit when it comes to things like if it wouldve been that tool shane bettenhausen writing up that article , i wouldve tooken it with a grain of salt.

im still gonna get it though, its already preordered and ive set up a buyer for my premium....i guess i will just have to transfer my old 2 year warranty if the let me (they might make me put down a little more money).

BoneMagnus5233d ago

Good example of good community behavior! We need more here like you! - Have some positive feedback.

razer5233d ago

Is not the quiet Benq-Q drive. All the pictures that have been posted upon close inspection seem to be the same Hitachi drives that are in the current "Premium".

What's lame about this is if the early adopters just want the HDD space they will be paying more than the Elite and you still don't have HDMI. They should of made the drive for less and balanced the cost of both. But they already have those people's money so why bother?

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kewlkat0075233d ago


Thanks for the great news..grr

Ok I'll wait no biggie..I'm getting a wii this week. Their virtual Console gaming and Zelda is pulling me in.

I heard super Mario RPG is suppose to come on that means the greatest RPG of all time must be close..

Xtrm L1481L1TY5233d ago

Somebody give that mother f*cker a Twinkie!