Xbox Live Marketplace Gets More Media Partners

Microsoft announced today the list of companies that will be supplying Movies and TV Shows is growing. The list of companies who are signed up to release their Movies/TV Shows on Xbox Live Marketplace in the very near future follows in the article.

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Ps3604204756d ago

Why do people buy stuff on here when majority isnt even in HD and the majority is already on normal TV...

Whatever though...

Keep on trying to add content cause Sony Pictures is pretty big.. A lot bigger than South Park and Dogg the Bounty Hunter..

Atleast you guys got Saw... IN SD... I watched it in HD and was pretty sick! Enjoy!

Monchichi0254756d ago

Considering all you have to do with your PS3 is watch movies on it!!! LOL Us 360 fans actually have games to play with.....downloading is just an added benefit!!

ben hates you4756d ago

have access to other internet sites that supply movies but i have never heard of a site that allows you to purchase seasons or certain episodes of tv series

power of Green 4756d ago

In a couple of weeks the 360 will start to crush PS3.

PureGamer4756d ago

for people who are stupid that is. Just download all the new HD stuff for free off forums or torrents its not that hard, and the plus side is its FREE :)

Says you4756d ago

And time considering you can do all that in netflix blockbuster video on demand and so why would Microsoft announce something thats more of a ripp off when really people are not going to waste on another product when all those companys have a better deal than Microsoft combined Microsoft is probably going to charge $29 for watching a movie and plus people can buy a movie from there movie store and further more that means they wasted this whole time putting HD DVD on the market if there going to do this instead so really Microsoft has screwd the people once more because now people are going to be confuse in which one they should pick by buying HD DVD or by buying another XBox 360 that has IPTV or by buying another movie from the movie store and by renting movies from netflix.

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