GTA IV Rumor : Debunked

Rumours have surfaced about their not being a PS3 version of GTA:4 in Rockstars database. This however is proven not true. Here is an actual screen capture of the game being listed in Rockstars database. The link to the website is provided.

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2tired2day2hate4762d ago

that the main rumor was that its coming to 360 1st. not that it wouldnt come out at all for ps3

GaMr-4762d ago

GTA IV: Missing from Rockstars Website: By Joystiqs and Maxconsole.

GaMr= 1

Fud Sites= 0

Ps3604204762d ago

Seriously you have to be pretty dumb to think this was true.

I imagine right now they are looking at DVD9 like..... We made a mistake.

Blackmoses4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

at least not true yet. As far as the website goes, it clearly states for the 360 and PS3 and gives the date of release. Now maybe...maybe you 360 fanboys figured that since the 360 appears first in the sentence that it would come out first for you!

gta_cb4761d ago

why that statement? i mean come on yeh its not true, but every fanboy including Sony and MS just like to see there console winning, i think its pretty perfetic.

especially when everyone knows that if there console completely won like they want it to, there wouldnt be any compitition and then i expect the console world, would be... well boring... with no one trying to think of something new, like the [email protected], and IPTV.

also Blackmoses
are you trying to start arguments with people? cos you should know, as i have seen some of your posts in when there has been plenty of Sonyfanboys saying sh*t which, well what can i say it was complete SH*T so yeh unfortinatly, every console will have the silly childish people that will say anything to seem hard, and well it just doesnt work, and we have to ignore them... oh and take there bubbles away ;) lol

oh and to both of you, i own a 360 (check my gamertag in my profile, but for the MEAN TIME, not a PS3 so yeh i want both the systems to have it, so when i finally get a PS3 i mite get this game on it ;) should be cool

Premonition4761d ago

Rockstar said from day 1 at E3 or whatever it would both be coming to PS3 and xbox360 same day.

Blackmoses4761d ago

No I'm not trying to start any arguments and I think it kind of funny you should think so. I am merely stating what was in the website and I also left room for the possibility of this being true.

As for the ending remark, I was merely trying to place some humor in an otherwise boring and frankly unproven rumor.
If you actually took the time to read my comments then I am indeed flattered, but wonder if you’re not the one trying to start an argument.

Judging from your post you can nether read or write but I have forgiven you. Since we are on the topic of consoles owned, I own a PS3 and a Wii. I chose not get a 360 because honestly, I am unfamiliar with the system, controls and game library. It's all about choice correct?! That's what Microsoft preaches use the power of choice!!! So that's my choice! I am not pro anyone, I like video games always have.

So please, I implore you to refrain from making yourself look like a complete idiot when you are on here.

SlippyMadFrog4761d ago

"As for the ending remark, I was merely trying to place some humor in an otherwise boring and frankly unproven rumor."
"Now maybe...maybe you 360 fanboys figured that since the 360 appears first in the sentence that it would come out first for you!"

How is that not trying to start an argument? You were clearly trying to provoke 360 supporters, now why would you want to do that? Can't we all just keep it civil and intelligent? It only takes one comment like that to start yet another 360 vs PS3 mud slinging match.

(Isn't there maybe a way to ignore all users under the age of 16?)

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Hooded Vendetta4762d ago

Im sure "Your sources" are all well, But check's update or just look on the site.

GaMr-4762d ago

What are you proving. I didnt see anyone report it to N4G.COM...

Their for I went into my investigative Journalism mode did some research and Pwned a pointless rumor before it got out of hand.

Last thing we need it more ammunition for Xbox fanboys.

Or A rockstar petition by the PS3 fanboys.

Or .......more sitting by and doing abosuletly nothing for the nintendo

Smellslikepie4762d ago

... please tell me you screen resolution ISN'T 800x600 and that's just been resized.

Violater4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

Its listed on Rockstar's Game Database For 360 and PS3
But with the way things are these days, I try not to get worked up about anything, Unless its HS hmmmm tasty....
Anyway GTAiv is a long ways off and anything can happen until then.

Gamer134761d ago

GTA started as a ps2 game and sold millions it will 100% launch the same time as the 360 version.

IM OUT...///"""

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The story is too old to be commented.