HD DVD and Blu-ray only account for 1% of Netflix's shipments

Rent-a-Shacks everywhere have a nice business goin' on where they let people afraid of commitment still enjoy nice stuff. Come to think of it, does any of these rental place have HD DVD or Blu-ray players? Anyways, Netfix does about the same thing if you think about it - but did you know they also have HD DVD and Blu-ray titles.

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BIadestarX4316d ago

I wouldn't mind the other 99% available on the xbox 360. would you?

ThaGeNeCySt4316d ago

probably because they are buying them instead of renting.

Merovee4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Both HD and Blu are available for rental through NetFlix, you can sign up and put the formats in your preferred order, so when you pick a movie they will send you whichever format is in stock in order of your choice.

I've received 6 Blu-Ray movies through NetFlix already as it's my top format choice in my options.

My bet on why its 1% as opposed to 2-3% (lol, i know) is that the option isn't advertised on their site well at all.

Karebear4316d ago

Yup, I buy all of mine (up to I think 13 now). Renting them is just not a great option right now. My local Blockbuster doesn't carry them.

Black Republican4316d ago

lol 1%

yet on this website ppl argue about
hd dvd vs blue ray
like their is no tomorrow

The Panther4315d ago

I always find it strange that they never give number sold as oposed to the ratio they always state when comparion hddvd and blue ray, its becuase their total sales are just a drop in the bucket.

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