PS3 Gets Pixel Junk

PlayStation 3 downloadable content has been a bit slow off the start following the system's launch late last year, but Sony at last seems to be kicking things into high gear. The Game Developers Conference brought about first details on Home and Little Big Planet. And now, the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed first details on an original Japanese production, Pixel Junk.

Pixel Junk is a game distribution service by Kyoto-based Q-Games (not to be confused with Tokyo-based Q Entertainment, maker of Lumines). While the magazine only managed to get the vaguest of details, the service promises to feature unique, casual game experiences delivered to PS3 owners via the PlayStation Network.

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Marty83704311d ago

Everybody else does, why not you.

IPlayGames4311d ago

Dude DL was slower than sh*t(like 5min to DL a trailer) but after the last upgrade seems to go pretty fast now(like 2min to DL a trailer) after this wonder how fast its gonna be ?

bootsielon4311d ago

The title could be misleading. Think about it. "PS3 gets pixel JUNK, oh noes!!"

Ok, i'll stop the idiocy now...