Rumored PS Store Content for 05/07/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"This week is looking very bare in terms of update content. Let's hope the quality is there, because quantity sure isn't."

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InfectedDK5549d ago


Well not the best, but ok update.

StalkingSilence5549d ago

I'm thinking demo for Disney's Up!
Could see that coming to the PSN today.

-EvoAnubis-5549d ago

The only thing that could make this any better is if they'd finally give me my goddamned Peggle. As it stands.....it's Patapon time!

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Megaton5549d ago

Most likely grabbing Patapon 2. Need a release date for Fat Princess and MvC2.

Rhezin5549d ago

where the f!ck are the PSone games Sony?

StalkingSilence5549d ago

they are with your horses - now, hold em!
trust us - they are coming.

DJ5549d ago

No need for a Patapon 2 demo though. I'll just buy it.

-EvoAnubis-5549d ago

No, you WANT to play the demo, because everything you do there transfers over to the full game. I can't buy the game until tomorrow, but I've already got a full army of level 3 Rarapons and I've got the Robopon memory unlocked (just missing the alloy I need to make one). I've put 9 hours into it so far, and by the time this day is over, I expect to add 2 more at least.

DragonWarrior_45549d ago

Where is my motorstorm pacific rift dlc? Man o man I cant wait for this madness to end.

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Microsoft once tried to nab LittleBigPlanet from Sony after a few drinks

It turns out that many moons ago, Microsoft once had its eye on the Sony published LittleBigPlanet series.

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XiNatsuDragnel67d ago

Microsoft had a good idea but fumbled it again.

Cacabunga66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Project Spark idea was decent but they quickly gave up ..
LBP was wonderful

ApocalypseShadow66d ago

Microsoft in a nutshell. Always tried to poach Sony employees, games, 3rd party games and devices like the depth camera that was turned into Kinect but was running on PS2 before Xbox 360. Wouldn't be surprised they wanted LBP. Just like they worked behind the scenes pushing the MLB to bring Sony's baseball game to Xbox instead of making their own.

They didn't spend years trying to develop their own baseball game. They wanted Sony's game.

They're scum.

Zachmo18266d ago

Microsoft didn't force MLB on Xbox. MLB gave Sony 2 options either go multiplat or risk losing the license.