Microsoft To Buy Double Click?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that web advertising firm DoubleClick is in talks with several buyers, including Microsoft. The story, which cites unnamed sources, states that DoubleClick's current owners are looking to sell the company for $2 billion.

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Robotz Rule4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

Damn!,Microsoft should just buy Sony and get everything over with!

gta_cb4315d ago

even though it would prob get rid of the flamewars, it will just leave the space open for another company to come in and try to join in the next gen wars,

ALSO i wouldnt want this to happen, as if there wasnt any compitition (as i think it will be mainly between Sony and MS, sorry Nintendo, but your system doesnt appeal to me, but doesnt make it rubbish) but yeh if 1 company owned Sony and MS then there wouldnt be as much/ any competition then there would be less good things coming to the consoles, like [email protected], Home, marketplace, online gaming, and cant leave out the wonderful games :P

in my opinion competition is good, we get better stuff as there is always something to compete against :)