GuildCafe Gives Gamers A New Platform With Unique PlayerVox Feature

GuildCafe Entertainment Inc., operator of the world's first social network for online gamers, has launched PlayerVox, an online magazine shaped by the members of the GuildCafe community and editorially overseen by experts in online gaming culture. Providing gamers with the opportunity to voice their opinions on topics of interest and to submit nominations for interview ideas emphasizes GuildCafe's ongoing commitment to creating means for players to impact and influence the MMO industry.

Members of GuildCafe now have the functionality and support to post comments on issues of online gaming that they would like to see PlayerVox explore, and editors track comments to gauge the most popular topics on which to create upcoming articles. At launch, PlayerVox features sharp and shrewd remarks by Hugo Award-winning science fiction novelist, Charlie Stross, who insightfully outlines his outlook for online gaming, ranging from predictions on what to expect over the next year to how society and evolving approaches to entertainment will mutually impact each another come 2032. Stross, who is the author of the upcoming novel Halting State, is the first of many accomplished writers to contribute to PlayerVox.

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