Confirmed: Ninja Gaiden Coming To Nintendo Ds

Fully titled Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, the Team Ninja-developed title is a 3D action game that makes full use of the DS's most standout feature: the stylus. The entire game can be controlled almost entirely with the touch-based motions. You guide Ryu Hayabusa about the play field by tapping in the direction you'd like to go. Slashing the touch pen from down to up makes Hayabusa launch an enemy into the air, into a perfect position for combos. You make Hayabusa jump by tapping the screen twice, and can then point to enemies to shoot shurikens at them and perform a downward thrust attack. Even your ninja arts make use of the stylus, requiring that you draw shapes in order to perform the special attacks. Buttons are used only for defensive moves.

If an all touch-based Ninja Gaiden wasn't a big enough surprise, Ninja Gaiden DS has one additional peculiarity. The game is meant to be played by holding the DS with both screens lined up horizontally. This has presumably been done to give a tall view of the action on the touch screen, as the left screen is used to display maps.

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techie5244d ago

Explain to me about these handheld devices...why would you want one? DO you take it everywhere with you? When you go to the countryside for a picnic do you take it there as well?

It took me years to get a mobile phone and then an mp3 player...and I kind of regret missing experiencing the big wide world as it is.

I like sitting at my sofa with a big tv playing a game...and then going out to exit my shell...

Responses from handheld owners...

eclipsegryph5244d ago

For every person who could answer this question, you're going to get a different response. Whilst you like sitting on your sofa with your big TV, some people enjoy louging on their sofa and playing on their DS or PSP.

My wife and I have very different views about our DS. Me, I think of it as something to use when you travel. If I'm going to be away from home for a while, then I usually have the DS with me. It helps to pass the time during long periods of waiting. For me, the entertainment and experience is akin to bringing a book with you on a train, or something to that effect.

My wife, however, plays the damn thing whenever she feels like it. I've seen her go straight from reading the Kingdom Hearts manga, then to playing the game on the PS2, and then sat in the bedroom and played Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on the DS. She treats it like a console. For her, it is serious gaming, while for me it's merely something else to pass the time.

That all being said... I'm happy that I get to play another Ninja Gaiden game, seeing as how I missed out on the X-Box one, or wherever it happens to be.

techie5244d ago

yes you're right...travelling etc it's a perfect idea. Damn I used to steal my bro's Gameboy and play it in bed.

I'm a bit of a hypocrit...I have a video Zen and I watch films on it when I travel q: lol

I just hope you experience the wonders of the world as well without them...otherwise the human race is going down a very bad path.

Ninja Gaiden on the DS will rock big time.


Team Ninja have been working on every other platform apart from 360 lately. Get your act together itagaki! WE WANT NINJA GAIDEN 2!

eclipsegryph5244d ago

For Chacron:

Ninja Gaiden 2 was a great game. I still liked the third game the best, though.

For Deepbrown:

My personal tastes for traveling entertainment involve the DS, books, and a deck of playing cards. Again, for me it is something to assist in passing the time when I would be otherwise twiddling my thumbs. I do not, however, think that someone who is more obsessed with their handhelds would be dragging the human race down a "wrong" path. People have always found ways to entertain themselves - this just happens to be that way for the current generation.

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ALItheWISE5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

I play my DS jus about everywhere execpt at home unless i have a new game for it but i try to not too. I mostly play at work on downtime waiting rooms, at movies before they begin, barber shops, airplanes, camping, just about anywhere i cant bring a tv and my home console to. And yes i do take it jus about everywhere cuz i never know when i will be bored and can game instead. I cant wait to see what this Ninja Gaiden is gonna be about. But yeah obviously id rather play my home console first but its nice to be able to game on the go. Remember them old tiger handhelds. My girl played my DS so much i had to get her one for herself. For her that her main gaming console.

BB5244d ago

I thought horizontal meant left/right. Up/down is vertical.