PS3 Helps Blu-ray Casino Royale Break Records

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE)'s blockbuster Bond title, Casino Royale, released March 13 on Blu-ray Disc, has hit the 100,000 units shipped mark and is setting records at retail for greatest number of high-definition copies sold in one day, it was announced today by SPHE Worldwide President, David Bishop.

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richie007bond4807d ago

lol this movie was giving away free with the ps3 lmao setting records

techie4807d ago

richie it wasn't in the US...and hit number 8...the blu-ray version that is. I still havent seen it. You think it's any good?

nix4807d ago

i've seen it four times. once in theatre and three times on DVD.

kmis874807d ago

Actually it peaked at seven. And yes it's good. I'd say it's my second favorite Bond ever. Goldfinger is #1 of course.

LSDARBY4807d ago

They still havent started giving them away to us in the UK yet, should get them in the next month. So this has broke records through sales alone.

gooner4807d ago

hd dvd has died this morning and its dead its dead(in tune of nas hiphop is dead

techie4807d ago

hddvd still has the biggest studie of them all Universal.

gooner4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

i guarantee they well come to their senses soon very soon
*rubs finger tips like mr.burns*

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The story is too old to be commented.