MS: "Microsoft is capable of continuously upgrading its components and design"

GamePro received a thorough debriefing from a Microsoft representative. Here's the official word.

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nicodemus5232d ago

"On the video front, Microsoft announced a slew of new partners for Xbox Live Marketplace video on demand. The new partners include: New Line Cinema...National Geographic, action sports network Total Vid, Japanese anime network ADV Films, and Warner Bros HD."

New Line, Nat. Geo., and Warner Bros-- That's some of the best 360 news I've heard in a while!!!

highps35232d ago

All these movies I keep seein that are on there are old shows and or old movies.

Very few are HD and what is, it really shouldnt be anyhow. Example Employee of the month but then they give you saw in SD...

Guess if you dont have cable its cool..