Datel Unveils Exciting New PS3 Range

Datel has lifted the lid on a great range of peripherals for your PS3. There's something for everyone here…

• Bluetooth Wireless Headset: £24.99/$49.99

Now's your chance to talk, strategise and control. Stay one step ahead of the opposition in online games with Bluetooth Wireless Headset for PS3! It's the ideal accessory for PlayStation 3 gamers who like to play online with gamers from all over the world. With your Bluetooth-enabled games console, you can trash-talk with your opponents, make new friends in the games lobby and organise your party in co-operative games. It's great for making hands-free calls with your Bluetooth mobile too.

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PureGamer4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

Lovely ill be buying a few of these, oh and a 160gb HDD for £99 quid its already cheaper than the new xbox HDD which is 120gb, lol it had to be done.

To the below
nope, you take the 60gb out and put the 160gb in.

gooner4756d ago

will that mean ill have 220gb on my ps3

Siesser4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

Depends on if he's talking about an internal or external hard drive. If he's speaking about an internal one, then no. I mean, technically you could have data on both hard drives, but you can only have one in your system at a given time. So you'd remove the 20 or 60 gig one and replace it with the 160 gig. you can still have data on the original one, but I don't think that anyone wants to go through the hassle of swapping out hard drives like they're memory cards. You can also just hook up an external hard drive (or 4, if you want) through the USB ports. In this instance, you can access all of your data on any of the drives at the same time, and I THINK you can actually save to them as well, when it comes to downloading demos and stuff.

Maddens Raiders4756d ago

be releasing wireless rumble headsets to counter the AX360 headphones and the enormous cost? That would rock.

Siesser4756d ago

What in the world are "rumble headesets." I mean, I'm assuming that they're explicitly what the name implies, but I've never heard of those before.

whosbad4756d ago

With the Communicator Headset it says -it connects to your PS3 via a cable-does this mean the pad or the actual console?
Is the cable supplied?
Finally,does the headset and bluetooth have a mute button like with the 360 headset?

IPlayGames4755d ago

Tight probably getting the max drive(easy transfer) and the WiFi Max is cool because they make things u can use for other consoles.