Who will buy the Xbox 360 Elite?

CVG ask the question: "Some people will happily download a truckload of game demos and still rip every last album Phil Collins has ever made. It's clear the demand for a larger drive is there, but considering that current core or premium owners can shell out $179 USD (£91 GB) for the boosted hard drive why should anyone upgrade to the whole Elite console?"

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ASSASSYN 36o4758d ago

Now this looks intentionally placed to start some crap so I am posting the retard stop sign to alleviate retards.-Hindered people.

weekapaugh4758d ago

$179 for a 120GB HD is ridic...

BoneMagnus4758d ago

I am hardcore enough that I bought a 360 at launch. but I am not hardcore enough to buy an Elite, which really adds little - I don't need HDMI, and I can always get another HD - since MS was genius in making them swappable.

If it is true that most of the 360 purchases were the "hardcore" as some analysts have said, then it is possible ther might not be any buyers other than collectors and the "extreme hardcore"

I would have paid for an Elite if it had been available launch, but for most casual gamers, I'd still recommend a premium.

And, for those wondering, I am hardcore enough to buy a PS3 at launch, but unfortunately my wallet situation is not able to currently support all hardcore yearnings. But I'm saving!

TOM4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

I'm down to a mear 1.2 gigs.Three episodes of enterprise one of south park,one episode of pros vs joes, one shadow run beta, three games clips,about 45 games saves ,24 XBLA games and like three gamer pics has filled my hdd to capasity. I for one NEED the new drive,so why not just buy the whole new system?Just two hdd's(plus) would be the price of the system ,so I;ll just buy it and sell the old sytem to a fence sitter.

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