360 Elite validates Sony's hi-def focus

"Microsoft will likely offer a Blu-ray drive with the Elite," says Pachter.

Microsoft's release of the Xbox 360 Elite validates Sony's focus on capturing the early market for high-definition entertainment, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

As the format holder continues to sign up more providers of downloadable content to Xbox Live Marketplace, the support for HDMI output is Microsoft's acknowledgement that the hi-def consumer is more important that it initially believed.

"Microsoft's move is an endorsement of high-definition output, and its inclusion of HDMI validates that Sony's initial strategy was correct," said Pachter, speaking exclusively to

"The 120 GB hard-drive is focused on helping the roll-out of IPTV, and I expect a progression of HDTV broadcast from the current 720p to the 1080p standard over the next few years, so the HDMI output will be relevant."

"On balance, this is a very smart move by Microsoft, but it appears to validate Sony's strategy, and serves as an acknowledgement that HD content matters," he commented.

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Bigmac5734753d ago

Join em. Good thinking, MS.

Violater4753d ago

Its a test people, its a test to see if consumers really want it, they don't want u to buy it b/c then they will be forced to make it.
And their current stock of Version 1's will become obsolete much like the base models are now which people hardly buy.
Things like this are done all the time, Premium edition games etc. They just test to see how much we are willing to pay.
In the end it just drives up the cost for all of us.
And we don't need HDMI do we?

power of Green 4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

You can say the same thing about the PS3 itself being high def having a HDD and having online functions... If you cant beat then join them after all Online is a foolish thing to use on a console right Sony?.

F*CK HOME lol what does that have to do with Sony poking fun of MS for investing on online capabilites?.

WoW i cant believe you guys are so hurt/offended/angry about this as if HDMI and HDD size is something Sony has created just remember what console was out first Sony poked fun of MSs sku's its Sony that copied the sku stradigy in the first place now MS cant add to this stradigy they used first. How long will you fanatics take to get over this.

WTF is GaMr talking about?, the PS3 is made in the 360s image. Any Sony fanboy or Sony rep would be foolish to attack the elite when everthing about PS3 that makes PS3 nextgen has come from the 360 its inovations are Wii and mostly 360 in nature. You guys hated MS for not having HDMI and Now you hate the fact that they do who gives a dam what you people think its not going to stop consumers from being impressed with the 360s line up and seeing the Elite as an option when picking up an Xbox.

smeg0rz4753d ago

sony went their own way with online with "HOME" n0b

MEGANE4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Maybe u r right but u forgot something SONY doesnt charge for online gaming

smeg0rz4753d ago

bigmac! Indeed, looks like they have figured out Sony are 100% here now, and are already selling loads in europe! Woot!

ownallconsoles4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

They're just Copying everything from sony. Elite is just A part of sony's innovation being stolen to another console.

After sony's 'home' comes out microsoft's probably going to come out with microsoft apartment. What a bunch of copycats.

Mishmash194753d ago

A lot of things get tossed back and forth between these 2 companies and Nintendo. Some have similar features while others go a completely different route. This "Elite" seems to be copying what Sony has been pushing recently with the PS3 (HDMI and HDD). It is not a bad thing since I feel it is needed for what both MS and Sony plan on providing for their systems, but it kinda does not look good for MS to be coming out with an improved system a few months after the PS3. I know that a big thing influencing their decision was the IPTV, but isn't that coming out at the end of this year or early next year? I really can not remember. But like I said for what MS plans on doing with their system I feel it was an important move to provide this new content, especially the add-on 120GB drive. Are they still making this Elite in limited quantities? Maybe if this sells well and is demanded they may produce more over the coming months.

consolewar4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

you are pretty smart. Your saying a company stole somebody else idea. OMG.This is so NEW.
Are you a 10 years old?

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The story is too old to be commented.