Microsoft Doesn't Encourage Elite Purchases

As reported earlier, US gamers will be able to snap up an add-on 120GB hard drive for their current 360 for $179.99 (£92) if they don't fancy splashing out on an entirely new Elite system when it launches Stateside later next month. But of course, this means you are still left with no HDMI output on your 'current-gen' 360.

Xbox's director for global platform marketing, Albert Penello was asked today why, after months of saying that an HDMI output was unnecessary for high-def gaming, that Microsoft was finally releasing a console with the port, following Xbox boss Shane Kim's comments late last year that 720p was the "super sweet spot" for gaming.

Penello also told the interviewer that he "wouldn't encourage a current owner to come out and buy the Elite…We are releasing the stand-alone 120 GB drive... that's really going to be the primary solution for those who want more storage."

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ddcab4760d ago

They want you to buy the rip off hdd for a WHOMPING 179.00 dollars. Current 360 owners get screwed either way. Buy a new console or upgrade your hdd. MS screws u once again. Buy a PS3 you'll thank me later, i'm out.

ownallconsoles4760d ago

i bought a 360 and now they want to screw me over with a new console. They need to learn to fix their consoles before they sell the broken ones.

Says you4759d ago

XBox 360 now they want the gamers to buy the HDD alone not the elite they should've put HDMI and a bigger HDD to begin with and now 3 years later they decided to pull this crap on the XBox 360 fans.

kamakazi4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

oh of course you dont MS of course you dont. you force it on people whos 360s will crap out on them in a few months from now. my 360 has been acting mighty suspect lately. hhhhmmmmmm. but of course you dont want our money no not at all.

im fine with my set up right now. i dont keep the demos i download on my 360 no need to download movies onto my 360 already have the PS3 for gaming and hi def movies. so no need for a bigger hdd, but of course MS is happy with my set up since they dont want me to buy the ELITE.

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The story is too old to be commented.