Sony Confirms 600k PS3s Sold In Europe

Sony has sold more than 600,000 of the 1 million PlayStation 3s made available in Europe last Friday, the company confirmed this today.

"Yes, 600,000 is the figure for Europe," a spokesperson told Eurogamer, after the BBC reported the number yesterday without comment.

Sony has already claimed a UK record for the fastest-selling home console in history, having sold an estimated 165,000 units in the UK in its first two days on sale.

That compares very favourably to the 105,000 units Nintendo Wii sold in its first weekend and the 70,000 Xbox 360s Microsoft managed, although both companies struggled to meet demand whereas Sony, having positioned the European launch away from its American and Japanese counterparts, was able to prepare supply in advance.

The idea, Sony said ahead of launch, was to make sure it was possible for people to go into a shop on the day of launch and actually buy one. A quick survey of the crap video shop down the road revealed this is possible, but if you actually want to buy it they have to send Dave up to the stock room.

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techie4758d ago

Still a question...Europe? 1million were sent to the PAL region...we're unaware of how many were sent to Europe.

Ps3604204758d ago

Hope everyone is enjoying their Ps3's like I am... :)

gta_cb4758d ago

if Sony are not telling us the truth, but then again, if BBC got it wrong i doubt they would wanna say, actually we didnt sell that many, but then again, if they are telling the truth, then congrads sony, and now you have made records, slash the price please, then more would be sold ;) (as in i would prob buy one lol)

Premonition4758d ago

From what I under stand EU got 1 million and PAL like AU got around 20,000 units, the units sent to the rest of the PAL which is much left after the whole of EU, was probably below 100-60,000 units.

weekapaugh4758d ago

damm, nice launch after all the negative press leading up to it.

andthensum4758d ago

Everyone knows it's only a matter of time before the consoles war ends with Sony on top.

power0919994758d ago


I am very impressed.

Good job Sony! Keep it up.

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